On Site Repair and Retrofits of Large Power Transformers

By Chris Dodds on 21st June, 2013

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On Site Repair and Retrofits of Large Power Transformers

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For more information, read the download and watch the video below : ABB White Paper: "Increase transformer reliability and availability : From condition assessment to site repair". Find out how to get large power transformers back online faster using on site repair and retrofits.

Learn more about how utiities and industry are using on-site field testing and condition assessment to optimize maintenance spending and decrease unexpected high voltage power outages. One survey shows that yearly transformer maintenance budgets declined by 24% using this method !

Specify & Buy ABB for Clean, Reliable, Continuous MV Electrical Supply

MV Medium Voltage Fuses (Indoor) - protection for medium voltage distribution transformers, motors, switchgear and capacitor banks, 3.3kV-33kV

MV Medium Voltage Fuses (Outdoor) - protection of medium voltage switchgear and transformers, 3.3kV-33kV

MV Medium Voltage Current Transformers - epoxy resin cast transformers 11kV-33kV

MV Medium Voltage Voltage Transformers - indoor dry type cast resin transformers 11kV-33kV

MV Medium Voltage Surge Arresters - AC & DC overvoltage protection of power distribution systems

MV Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors - control and protection of medium voltage electricity systems

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Switchgear Temperature Monitoring - Hot-Spot Detection Enabling Condition-Based Maintenance

ABB CMF High Voltage Motor Fuses -7.2kV Rated Voltage 100A/200A 

ABB MWK High Voltage Surge Arresters AC 4-44kV

ABB Medium Voltage Power Products

T&D are Specialist Distributors for ABB Power Products.

With the technical, commercial and engineering support of ABB Power Products divisions T&D can deliver Fuses, Transformers, Surge Arresters, Vacuum Contactors and Capacitors for the protection and distribution of medium voltage electricity and cable systems.



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ABB White Paper - Increasing High Voltage Transformer Reliability

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