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ABB CLMD - CLMD 43, CLMD 53, CLMD 63 & CLMD 83 

ABB Capacitors for LV Low Voltage Power Factor Correction


ABB CLMD LV low voltage capacitors provide effective and reliable power factor correction. ABB CLMD capacitor consists of a number of wound elements made up with a dielectric of metallized polypropylene film. The CLMD capacitor dry windings are provided with a sequential disconnector ensuring that each element can be reliably and selectively disconnected from the low voltage circuit at the end of its life.

ABB CLMD LV low voltage capacitor elements receive a treatment under vacuum in order to ensure perfect electrical performance - each ABB winding is placed in a plastic case and encapsulated in thermo-setting resin in order to obtain a perfectly sealed element. These capacitor elements are placed inside a sheet steel enclosure and connected to supply the single or three-phase power at the required voltage and frequency. ABB CLMD capacitors are provided with thermal equalizers to ensure effective heat dissipation.


ABB CLMD Capacitor Range:

• ABB CLMD13 Capacitors                 • ABB CLMD33S Capacitors

• ABB CLMD43 Capacitors                 • ABB CLMD53 Capacitors

• ABB CLMD63 Capacitors                 • ABB CLMD83 Capacitors

• ABB CLMD03 Capacitors

ABB CLMD LV Low Voltage Capacitors

ABB CLMD LV Low Voltage Capacitor Benefits

  • Dry type design
  • Unique sequential protection system
  • ABB in-house metallized film giving excellent dielectric properties
  • Heavy-duty enclosure 
  • Long life
  • High reliability
  • Comprehensive range 
  • Light weight, easy to install
  • Complies with international standards, CE marked
  • Environment friendly 
  • Reduce or eliminate expensive utility penalties for low power factor 
  • Reduce power losses in cables and transformers
  • Increase power transmission capacity in cables
  • Increase available transformer capacity
  • Improve voltage stabilization in long cables


ABB LV Low Voltage Capacitors - CLMD Safety & Reliability

• Dry type capacitor design - ABB CLMD capacitor has a dry type dielectric and cannot give any risk of leakage or environmental pollution.

• Very low losses - dielectric losses are less than 0.2 Watt per kvar. Total losses, including discharge resistors, are less than 0.5 Watt per kvar.

• Long life - in the event of a fault developing in the dielectric of the ABB CLMD capacitor, the metallized electrode adjacent to the fault is immediately vaporized, thus isolating the capacitor fault. The ABB CLMD capacitor then continues normal operation.

• Fire protection - all ABB CLMD capacitor elements are surrounded by vermiculite which is an inorganic, inert, fire proof and non toxic granular material. In the event of any capacitor failure the vermiculite absorbs safely the energy produced within the capacitor box and extinguishes any possible flames.

• Unique protection system - ABB CLMD capacitors feature a unique Sequential Protection System ensuring that each individual element can be disconnected from the low voltage circuit at the end of its life.

• Easy to install - ABB CLMD capacitors are very lightweight for ease of on-site installation.

• High reliability - the ABB CLMD capacitor complies with the electrical requirements of IEC 831-1&2, the use of robust terminals removes the risk of damage during capacitor installation and reduced maintenance requirements.

• Security - thermal equalizers are fitted to ABB CLMD capacitors to surround each capacitor element and provide effective heat dissipation, the ABB CLMD capacitor is equipped with discharge resistors.

​• ISO 9001 - Our ISO 9001 Quality System registration provides the strongest assurance of our product quality. 

• ISO 14001 - ABB CLMD low voltage capacitors have a dry type dielectric and are free from liquids or other impregnating agents.

ABB CLMD - Low Voltage Capacitors

ABB LV Low Voltage Capacitors - CLMD Applications

ABB LV CLMD low voltage capacitors are required throughout the low voltage and high voltage electrical network to provide reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering systems. Electrical power transmission and distribution applications : shunt compensation, series compensation, harmonic filtering, static Var compensation (SVC/STATCOM), high voltage DC transmission (HVDC/HVDC light) and renewable generation (e.g. wind, solar).

  • Oil, Gas & Petrochem (e.g. processing plants, offshore platforms, FPSO's)
  • Steel Industry (e.g. arc furnaces, rolling-mills)
  • Water Industry (e.g. pumping stations, desalination plants, waste water treatment plants)
  • Commercial Buildings (e.g. data centres, offices, hotels)
  • Transportation Industry (e.g. traction, electrical vehicles)
  • Mining & Quarrying Industry
  • Process Industry


Sound Damping: can-type capacitors emit noise, since the capacitor elements act like loud-speaker membranes. The sound level depends on the design of the capacitor and the electrical current spectra through the capacitor. ABB have developed methods of measuring and predicting noise from power capacitors and can offer noise reducing measures, including low voltage capacitors with internal and external damping.


Capacitors Play An Important Role - Specify ABB CLMD Capacitors

ABB CLMD capacitors are very beneficial to power grids - by producing reactive power, ABB capacitors compensate for the reactive power consumption of electrical motors, switchgear, transformers etc. Capacitors improve stability of power grids with increased transmission capacity and reduced losses due to higher power factors. Capacitors also constitute a key component in the various filter solutions reducing harmonic contents. A non-distorted sinusoidal voltage without harmonics reduces the risk of problems in the form of disturbances in production equipment, metering errors and malfunctions in relay protection - ABB CLMD capacitors extend the life of connected low voltage electrical equipment. ABB capacitors play a lead role in improving power quality for industry, utility and consumer.

ABB CLMD Low Voltage Capacitor Technical Specifications
Voltage Range

 220V -1000V


50Hz - 60Hz


3-phase (Single phase on request)

Net Output Power

Up to 130 kvar
Discharge Resistors

Safe discharge of the capacitor to less than 50V in 1 minute after a switch off.

Protection Degree

CLMD13-43-53-63-83: IP 42 (IP 54 on request)

Case Material

Zinc electroplated mild steel


Indoor (Outdoor on request)

Maximum Ambient Temperature

+55°C according to IEC 60831

Minimum Ambient Temperature

Indoor type: -25°C

Outdoor type: -40°C


<0.5 Watt/kvar for 380 V rated voltage and above

Tolerance On Capacitance 

0% + 10%

Up to 1000m


ABB Capacitors - Improving Power Quality for Efficiency and Reliability


ABB Capacitors CLMD LV Low Voltage Capacitors LV Specifications


ABB CLMD Capacitors LV Low Voltage - O&M Installation


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