ABB Medium Voltage MV Fuses (Indoor)

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ABB Medium Voltage MV Fuses

Indoor Fuses for MV Medium Voltage Cable Networks


ABB are a leading manufacturer of medium voltage (MV) fuses used as main or back up protection elements of systems and apparatus. Fuses (commonly recognized as High Voltage Fuses) are classified as current limiting and non-current limiting (expulsion).

ABB fuses are designed based on wide application experience coming from designing of electrical protection in medium voltage systems and coordination with ABB products where fuses are applicable (air and SF6 insulated switchgears with load break switches, distribution transformers and contactors).

ABB MV HV medium-high voltage fuses protect distribution transformers, motors, switchgear and capacitor banks against overload currents - ABB MV-HV fuses can operate as sole devices or can be combined with air/SF6 insulated switch disconnectors. T&D distribute ABB medium voltage fuses for safe protection of 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 7.2kV, 11kV, 12kV 15kV, 20kV, 22kV, 24kV, 33kV, 36kV and 42kV cable systems.

ABB Medium Voltage Fuses And Cutouts

ABB medium voltage indoor fuses are tested according to IEC or ANSI standards, depending on design and market preferences. The MV fuses come in two housing materials – porcelain and resin-fiberglass,  which are both characterized by high mechanical and thermal resistance.

Benefits Of Using ABB MV Indoor Fuses

  • Low minimum breaking current (CEF and CMF fuses feature a specially designed overload spot that reduces both the minimum melting current and the minimum breaking current)
  • Temperature Control Unit (TCU) integrated with the fuse striker is activated ato break the circuit when the allowable temperature in the switchgear is exceeded
  • Low power losses and low arc-voltage
  • High breaking capacity and high current limitation
  • Special design fast fuses for wind applications, motor fuses and railway fuses 


ABB Medium Voltage MV Fuses Indoor Range

• ABB BPS Indoor Fuse Bases -  IEC Standard 7.2kV-36kV

• ABB CEF-OT Indoor Current Limiting Fuses -  IEC Standard 12kV-24kV

• ABB CEF-VT Voltage Transformer Fuses -  IEC Standard 7.2kV-24kV

• ABB CLC Capacitor Fuses -  ANSI Standard 1.2kV-4.3kV

• ABB WBP Voltage Transformer Fuses -  IEC Standard 7.2kV-36kV

• ABB CEF Indoor Current Limiting Fuses -  IEC Standard 3.6/7.2kV-36kV

• ABB CEF-S Current Limiting Fuses -  IEC Standard 12kV and 24kV

• ABB CIL Capacitor Fuses -  ANSI Standard 5.5kV-23kV

• ABB CMF Motor Fuses -  IEC Standard 3.6kV-12kV

• ABB WBT DC Railway Fuses -  IEC Standard 1.9kV-4kV



ABB Medium Voltage MV Fuses (Indoor)