Rail Cable Joints - Network Rail & London Underground Limited

London Underground Limited (LUL) Approved Cables & Cable Joints

Network Rail (PADS) Approved Cables & Cable Joints

Working in conjunction with Network Rail and their contractors T&D have developed heat shrink cable joints with PADS approval for lineside power, signal, telecom and tunnel cable jointing applications.

This includes zero halogen, LSF cable joints and track circuit feeder cable joints.

Cable jointing kits and accessories are suitable for rail cables manufactured to Network Rail Signalling Cables Specification RT/E/PS/00005 and Telecommunication Cables Specification RT/E/PS/00015.

Network Rail and London Underground Limited (LUL) approved cable joints are available in heat shrink, cold shrink and resin cast specification. 

London Underground approved cable for use where applications require a BS7211 single core.

Saffire Railsure has been specifically developed to meet the onerous testing requirements demanded by LU, particularly the stringent vertical flame propagation within LU 1-085, where no melting and dripping of flaming debris is allowed.

Saffire Railsure now has full LU approval in accordance with LU 1-085 in the size range 1.5-630mm - T&D can produce flame proof heat shrink cable joints to suit Saffire Railsure cable.

Signal Cable Joints

  • Signalling cable type A1, A2, A3 : LS0H cables for free wiring in relay rooms, signal boxes, REBs and location cases
  • Signalling cable type B1, B2 : PCP-sheathed cables used between equipment boxes, signal boxes, relay rooms and location cases
  • Heavy-duty signalling cable type C1, C2, C3 : HDPCP-sheathed cables for tails; type C3 for TPWS applications
  • Signalling cable type D1, D2 : LS0H cables for Type B1 and B2 applications in tunnels and underground locations
  • Signalling cable type E1, E2, E3 : LS0H cables for Type C1, C2 and C3 applications in tunnels and underground locations; Type E3 for TPWS applications
  • Axle counter cable: Solid interconnecting cable in axle counter systems; produced to NR/L2/SIG/30060

Power Cable Joints

  • Track feeder cable : CSP-sheathed cable to provide 650VDC/750VDC supply from a substation to the track (NR/PS/ELP/21101)
  • Aluminium power cable : PVC cable for trackside power supplies (BR880, BS5467 and BS6346)
  • Steel wire armoured cable (SWA) PVC : armoured PVC and LS0H power and auxiliary control cables for power networks, cable ducting and underground, external and internal locations; approved to BS5467 (PVC) and BS6724 (LS0H)
  • HV power cable : 6.35kV/11kV, 12.7kV/22kV, 19kV/33kV and 25kV/44kV cables for distribution of three-phase AC electrical power supplies to traction substations on DC-electrified lines

Also - Heat Shrink Track Circuit Rail Bonding and Cable Jointing Kits, SSI Screened & Unscreened Data Link Cable Jointing Kits, Lineside Mulitcore Signalling Cable Jointing Kits, CCTV Coax Heat Shrink Cable Jointing Kits.

3M Cold Shrink Cable Joints and Cable Terminations to suit 11kV, 25kV, 33kV and 45kV high voltage track feeder cables and overhead line applications - Network Rail and LUL approved.

High Voltage Rail Cable Joints & Cable Terminations - 6.35/11kV, 12.7/22kV and 19/33kV cables distribute three phase A.C. electrical power supplies at nominal system voltages of 11kV, 22kV and 33kV to Network Rail traction substations on D.C. electrified lines.

25kV two core concentric cables are mainly used to deliver 25kV single phase electrical power supplies, typically, to Network Rail feeder stations on A.C. electrified lines.

25kV single core cables are mainly used to carry 25kV electrical power supplies from Network Rail track-side switching stations to the overhead line equipment on A.C electrified lines.

T&D stock heat shrink and cold shrink cable joints and terminations for all these rail cable applications.

Video: Heat Shrink Cable Joint - 11kV 3 Core XLPE & EPR High Voltage Cable Joints

London Underground Track Renewal Maintenance : 


Network Rail & London Underground Ltd (LUL) Cable Joints - Catalogue


Network Rail Cable Handbook


Limited Fire Hazard Mineral Insulated Cable- 500V-750V


Limited Fire Hazard Power Cable - 0.45-0.75kV


Limited Fire Hazard Rail Connection Cable - 900V


Limited Fire Hazard Signalling Power Supply Cable - 700V


Limited Fire Hazard Track Circuit Feeder Cable - 120V


Limited Fire Hazard Track Feeder Cable - 750V


Low Smoke Zero Halogen Railway Signalling - 0.65-1.1kV, D2


Low Smoke Zero Halogen Railway Signalling Cable - 0.65-1.1kV, E2, E3


LUL Limited Fire Hazard Single Core Power Cable 0.75kV


LUL Limited Fire Hazard XLPE SWA Power Cable 600-1000v (BS6724)


Network Rail - Points Heater Cable - 0.3-0.5kV


Network Rail - Railway Signalling Cable - 0.65-1.1kV B1, B2, B3


Network Rail - Railway Signalling Cable - 0.65-1.1kV C2, C3


Network Rail - Track Feeder Cable - 0.65-1.1kV