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T&D are the largest UK stockist of AN Wallis Earthing and Lightning Protection equipment including copper earth tapes, earth bars, earth rods, earth plates and a complete range of couplers, driving studs and bosses.

T&D UK distribute an extensive range of earthing tape and conductors including bare copper tape, PVC insulated copper and aluminium earth tape, LSF insulated copper earth tape, lead covered copper earth tapes and hard drawn copper bar.

T&D service industrial electrical contractors, building services engineers, HV substation installers, earthing and lightning protection contractors. 

T&D distribute the full range of AN Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection:

  • Bare Copper Tape
  • Bare Aluminium Tape
  • PVC Covered Tape
  • Solid Circular Copper Conductor
  • Bare Stranded Copper Conductor
  • PVC Insulated Stranded Copper Conductor
  • Earth Rods
  • Earth Rod Clamps
  • Earth Rod Couplings
  • Earth Bars
  • Earth Inspection Pits & Housings
  • Earth Plates & Copper Lattice Mats

Copper LME Base Rate: Copper is a commodity traded on the London Metal Exchange (LME) daily, therefore the price of copper based earthing and lightning protection products fluctuates in line with the LME. 

To keep these variations minimised, copper items are sold in price bands relating to the LME base rate - contact T&D UK for todays rate.

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