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Cable Cleats & Cable Clamps Tested to

BS EN 50368:2003


Aluminium cable cleats and cable clamps are designed to fix, retain and support low and high voltage cables.

In addition, where short-circuit cable faults are anticipated, correct cable cleat selection will result in the containment of the cables during a fault and enable the circuit to be restored once the fault has been repaired.

When adjacent cables carrying three phase current suffer a short circuit cable fault, the induced magnetic fields result in the cables experiencing significant opposing forces.

A safe electrical cable installation requires well designed and thoroughly tested cable cleats.

Pictured: Ellis Patents Aluminium Cable Cleats (Two Hole) 

Ellis Patents Aluminium Two Hole Cable Clamps

Ellis Patents aluminium two bolt hole cable cleats and clamps are recommended for higher specification cleats installed in temperatures of -60 to +100 Degrees Celsius and suit cable diameters 51-114mm.

Cast aluminium alloy cable cleats in plain LM6 aluminium to BS1490 for dry indoor use or outdoor unpolluted areas.

These two hole aluminium cable clamps can be epoxy coated for harsher environment installations such as sea air and contaminated conditions.

Ellis Patents aluminium cable cleats with two bolt (M10) fixing holes offer space saving cable support and are designed to be easily stacked,  allowing direct fixing onto cable supports including cable channel and ladder.

Ellis Patents 2 hole cable clamps have been tested in accordance with the European Standard of "Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations"  BS EN 50368 : 2003.

Ellis Patents are the global leader in the manufacture of quality, trusted cable cleats.

Ellis Patents Two Hole Aluminium Cable Clamps - Product Range

Part Number Cable Range Cable Cleat Dimensions Fixing Holes Pack Qty Weight 

Min Dia

Max Dia P


51mm 57mm


68mm 49mm 76mm 2 x M10 25 208g


57mm 64mm


75mm 49mm 76mm 2 x M10 25



64mm 70mm


84mm 64mm 114mm 2 x M10 10



70mm 76mm


90mm 64mm 114mm 2 x M10 10



76mm 83mm 142mm 96mm 64mm 114mm 2 x M10 10



83mm 89mm 142mm 102mm 64mm 114mm 2 x M10 5



89mm 95mm 154mm 114mm 76mm 126mm 2 x M10 5



95mm 101mm 154mm 120mm 76mm 126mm 2 x M10 5



101mm 108mm 169mm 134mm 76mm 140mm 2 x M10 5



108mm 114mm 169mm 140mm 76mm 140mm 2 x M10 5 1450g


Ellis Patents Cable Cleat - Technical Specification
 Cleat Type  Metallic Aluminium
 Cleat Fixing Hole 2 x M10
 Impact Resistance Very Heavy (>6.7kg@300mm)
 Service Temperature -40 to 150 Degrees Celsius
 Lateral Load Test 28000 Newtons (N)
 Axial Movement Test 2000 Newtons (N)


Ellis Patents 2 hole Aluminium Cable Clamp / Cleat

Ellis Patents 2 Hole Aluminium Cable Clamps - Press Release July 2011

The electrical substations throughout Lusail City, the new city currently being built on the east coast of Qatar, is to be installed by 20,000 aluminium clamps from cable cleat manufacturer, Ellis Patents. Ellis Patents’ two-hole aluminium cable clamps were specified through the company’s Qatari distributor, Mannai Trading and the latest shipment of cable cleats left the UK in May 2011.

Tony Conroy, Ellis Patents export manager, commented, “When complete, Lusail City will be home to over 200,000 people, play host to an estimated 80,000 visitors a year and be one of the host cities for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. All of which means it is amongst the biggest developments in the world today and one that we were eager to be involved with.”

A key factor in the order was the benefit that Ellis Patents cable clamps had third party short circuit certification that proved they would withstand the particular demands of the power cable installation.

Ellis Patents cast aluminium alloy cable clamps, which are available in one-hole cable cleat versions, are designed for higher specification projects that call for all metal cable cleats and can be installed for use in temperatures of up to 150°C.

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