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Thorne & Derrick

Thorne & Derrick UK are national distributors and worldwide exporters of LV-HV Cable Installation, Cable Jointing & Electrical Equipment - we service UK and global businesses involved in cable installations, cable jointing, substation and electrical construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV and EHV. T&D service utilities, power, construction, rail, mining, offshore, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

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Prysmian BW & CW Bicon Cable Glands - Price Offer


Prysmian Bicon brand cable glands are made from highest quality brass - preferred for reliability without the quality and performance dangers associated with non-branded imported cable glands. BS6121 Approved. CE Compliant.

Prysmian Bicon BW Indoor IP54 Cable Glands XLPE/SWA - Click

Prysmian Bicon CW Outdoor IP66 Cable Glands XLPE/SWA - Click

Prysmian KA41052 BW Gland Kit BW20 (S)   £1.57
Prysmian KA41053 BW Gland Kit BW20   £1.83
Prysmian KA41055 BW Gland Kit BW25   £2.74
Prysmian KA41056 BW Gland Kit BW32   £2.61
Prysmian KA41057 BW Gland Kit BW40   £3.33
Prysmian KA41059 BW Gland Kit BW50   £11.11
Prysmian KA41061 BW Gland Kit BW63   £13.06
Prysmian KA41063 BW Gland Kit BW75   £20.91
Prysmian KA41952 CW Gland Kit CW20 (S)   £4.06
Prysmian KA41953 CW Gland Kit CW20   £4.39
Prysmian KA41955 CW Gland Kit CW25   £6.40
Prysmian KA41956 CW Gland Kit CW32   £5.23
Prysmian KA41957 CW Gland Kit CW40   £9.03
Prysmian KA41959 CW Gland Kit CW50   £15.56
Prysmian KA41961 CW Gland Kit CW63   £22.22
Prysmian KA41963 CW Gland Kit CW75   £32.68

Cable Gland Kits include lock-nut, earth tag & shroud

2 glands per pack up to and including 25mm

Prices - Strictly While Stocks Last Basis


Prysmian BW CW brass cable glands are used to terminate XLPE and PVC insulated cables with steel wire armour (SWA) in indoor and outdoor applications, 600/1000 volts - Prysmian Bicon brass cable gland kits include cable gland, locknut, earth tag and shroud. Prysmian cable glands provide mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity via cable wire armour locking mechanism.

T&D stock LU London Underground Balata Cable Straps for securing LV, HV and Pilot cables to containment on rail bridges.


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