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Conduit rod, duct rod and cable rollers for fibre optic, draw rope and LV-HV cable pulling into underground cable ducts.

Cable rollers for duct applications include manhole cable rollers, rope guiding rollers, edge rollers and cable protecting bends.

T&D service cable pulling contractors with a complete range of cable pulling equipment including cable rollers, cable socks, cable jacks, cable pulling lubricant and conduit rod.

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Conduit Rod - Duct Rod (Cobra) - Features 

Conduit rod is a high quality helically wound epoxy rod providing excellent adhesion properties for the outer polyethylene coating - the conduit duct rod construction offers excellent bending elasticity for long and short installations into cable ducts.

Conduit duct rod is also suitable for installing draw and winch ropes into ducts prior to cable pulling.

Conduit Duct Rods (Cobra) - 9, 11 and 14mm conduit rods are mounted on a mobile frame for ease of site mobility. 4 and 6mm conduit rods are supplied on a free standing frame.

All conduit rods are designed and built for easy handling are are complete with guide tips.

Pictured : Conduit Rods - used to pull cables and ropes between underground duct chambers.

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