Feeder Pillars

Lucy Zodion Photocell (PECU) SS3

Lucy Zodion Feeder Pillars

 LV Electricity Distribution Pillars


Lucy Lighting Fortress Feeder Pillars are available in galvanised and stainless steel with optional paint finishes and a variety of sizes to suit all low voltage distribution applications - see our complete range of feeder pillars.

Pre-wired distribution pillars can be manufactured to client electrical specification.

Feeder Pillars - Lucy Lighting Fortress Pillars - Overview :

  • Mini Feeder Pillars - 7 sizes of pillar in galvanised or stainless steel
  • Single Door Feeder Pillars - 6 sizes of pillar in galvanised or stainless steel
  • Double Door Feeder Pillars - 9 sizes of pillar in galvanised or stainless steel
  • Heritage Feeder Pillars - 9 sizes of cast iron pillars
  • Pre-Wired Feeder Pillars - single/3 phase control and distribution pillars

Pictured: Feeder Pillars

Lucy Lighting Fortress Pillars

Feeder Pillar Features

Feeder Pillars - Lucy Fortress Double Single Door Feeder Pillars

  • 2 tri-head locks fitted as standard
  • Anti vandal lock available 
  • Backboard from 18mm thick treated exterior grade plywood
  • Danger warning label fitted in a recess in the feeder pillar door
  • Earth lead connection supplied from pillar body to door
  • High quality UV resistant paint to a minimum thickness of 60 microns
  • Fixing bolts, nuts, washers and locks are all stainless steel
  • Detachable feeder pillar roof
  • Backboard can be removed for wiring

Feeder Pillar Options

  • Pillars supplied pre-wired with a fuse unit or isolator unit
  • G2A Highways paint specification
  • Locking options - Lucy locks, yale locks, hasp and staple

Feeder Pillars

Feeder Pillars Manufactured & Tested In Accordance To BS7671 & BS EN 61439 

Feeder Pillars - Stock & Supply

T&D are Main Distributors for Lucy Zodion feeder pillars for LV power distribution – a choice of surface finish and pillar base materials (galvanised steel, stainless steel, cast iron and GRP) is available from stock. 

Video - Lucy Zodion Westminster Range of Retractable Feeder Pillars for LV Power Distribution



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