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Industrial & Hazardous Area (ATEX) Plugs

Marechal plugs, sockets and decontactors for low voltage power supply include standard, industrial, high current and hazardous areas decontactors with ATEX certification. 

With the support of Marechal, T&D provide nationwide on-site surveys and recommendations to optimise low voltage power distribution.

The Marechal decontactor is a plug and socket with an integral load-break switch - this unique design offers various technical plug and socket benefits :

  • contact quality
  • safe disconnection
  • automatically watertight
  • cost reduction thanks to dual-voltage
  • reliability and overall sturdiness 

T&D are the largest UK distributor for Marechal Plugs and Sockets - to discuss your power distribution requirements or to arrange a site survey and demonstration of Marechal Decontactor technology contact T&D.

Marechal Plugs

Marechal DSN Plugs & Sockets Marechal DS Plugs & Sockets

Industrial Power Supply & Motor Connection Plugs & Sockets - Marechal DSN, DS, DN, PN, DB Motor Switches, Star Delta Connectors 32A-150A.

Multi Contact Signal & Control Plugs & Sockets - Marechal PN7C, PN12C, DSN24C, DSN37C up to 37 contacts.

High Current Plugs & Sockets - Marechal Plugs & Sockets PF, SP, CS, CCH.

High Temperature Plugs & Sockets - Marechal Plugs & Sockets PN HT, DN, HT up to 185 Degrees celsius.

ATEX Hazardous Area Explosion Proof Plugs & Sockets - Marechal DXN, DX, PX, CRIC, B2X, SPeX hazardous area plugs and sockets.

Marechal DXN and DX decontactors (plugs and sockets) are designed for explosive atmospheres, with ‘de’ protection mode.

Marechal plugs comply with the ATEX 94/9/CE & 99/92/CE directives and can be used in hazardous area zones 1 & 2 (Gas) and zones 21 & 22 (Dust).

Marechal DXN ATEX Plugs & Sockets Self Ejection Marechal DXN ATEX Plugs & Sockets

Additional Marechal Electric ranges include distribution boxes, portable boxes, emergency lighting and CRIC.

Marechal Derivation Boxes

Marechal Electric pioneered the use of high performance, silver-nickel butt contacts in electrical plug and socket systems (decontactors), which are now available for applications from simple compact multi-pin to heavy duty 600A plug connections.

Marechal technology is used across a range of demanding environments such as the food and drink, nuclear power, heavy industry, infrastructure and ATEX hazardous area sectors.

Marechal decontactors are an effective alternative to both hard-wired equipment and pin/sleeve type contacts, the decontactor is a highly flexible method of connecting and disconnecting electrical equipment at the press of a latch – safely.

Marechal Electric brought the decontactor, the high performance industrial plug connector with integral AC21 switch, to the electrical market.

Marechal Plugs, Sockets & Decontactors  Industrial & Hazardous Area (ATEX) Plugs

Marechal Plugs & Sockets - Stock & Supply

T&D supply the complete range of Marechal Plugs & Sockets - this includes industrial and hazardous area plugs.

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CCH - Marechal Battery Charger Connectors 75amp - 200amp


CRIC - Marechal Terminals, 2x1.5sqmm to 2x120sqmm, up to 500 Volts


DB - Marechal Motor Switches, 40-125amps, 7.5kW-30kW, IP67, IK09


DN - Marechal Plug Socket, Metal/Polyester, 20-150amps, IP54-55, IK09


DS - Marechal Plug Socket, Metal/Polyester, 30-250amps, IP54-55, IK09


DSN - Marechal Plug Socket, GRP, 20-63amps, IP66-67, Watertight, IK08


PF - Marechal Plug Socket, High Current, 315-600amps, 1000 Volts, IP66


PN - Marechal Plug Sockets, High Temperature, 30amps, IP66-67


PN, DSN, DN - Marechal Multicontact Plugs & Socket Outlets, 5-30amps


Marechal - Self Ejecting Plugs & Sockets for Mobile Applications


Marechal Plugs & Socket Outlets Motor Connections, 25-150amps


Marechal Plugs, Sockets, Decontactors - Tunnel Applications


Marechal Switch Rated Plugs & Sockets for Industry


Scame Industrial Plugs & Sockets


Legrand Industrial Plugs & Sockets