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Portable earthing equipment is specifically for maintenance on high voltage networks to provide safe and reliable earth clamping where electrical connections are to be made to dirty or heavily oxidised copper/aluminium bars or stubs : this includes portable earthing for 33kV, 66kV, 132kV, 275kV and 400kV including line end clamps and earth end clamps.

Portable earthing equipment is electrical safety equipment used for discharging and grounding of de-energised electrical equipment, including high voltage transformers, substations, 11-33kV cable ends and overhead lines.

Portable Earthing Kit - Selection Check List

In order to correctly specify the suitable portable earthing kits it is important to establish the clamping requirement at both ends of the earthing lead i.e. busbar or cable (including dimensions).

  • Confirm short circuit rating
  • Number of earth leads
  • Earth lead lengths
  • Current rating
  • Voltage
  • Confirm operating pole length

Portable Earthing


Pictured : Substation Earth Clamps HV EHV  - Earth End & Line End 

Earth End Clamps Substations                              Line End Clamps Substations


P&B Weir Portable Earthing

PB Weir portable earthing systems include line end clamps, earth end clamps, earthing leads and operating poles for high voltage substations, overhead line and transmission line.

T&D UK are PB Weir approved distributors for their range of portable earthing equipment for substation and overhead line equipment including line, earth and end clamps.

PB Weir can provide earthing equipment for power stations, sub stations, overhead power and to DNO specifications including UKPN (formerly EDF Energy), WPD (formerly Central Networks) and United Utilities.

T&D distribute an extensive range of overhead line equipment including overhead line conductor cutting tools, voltage detectors, suspension clamps, wedge clamps, compression dead end clamps, jumper connectors/palms, mid-span and non-tension joints, bi-metallic connectors, line termination fittings and repair sleeves for overhead line conductors.


Video Playlist : P&B Weir Portable Earthing & Short Circuiting Kits

  • CE4 Bronze Clamps 50sqmm Copper Cables
  • CE4 CE5 Earth Clamps 50sqmm Copper Cables
  • CE69 Earth Clamps 50sqmm Copper Cables
  • S9B S9A Earth Clamps 70sqmm Aluminium Cables
  • S9B S9A Earth Clamps 95sqmm Copper Cables
  • CE86 Earth Clamps


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