WT Henley Heavy Duty Cut-Outs

WT Henley

WT Henley

Heavy Duty Cut-outs 


WT Henley Heavy Duty 4 Pole Insulated Cut-outs are suitable for low voltage cable termination of stranded or solid, copper or aluminium conductors, 95-300sqmm. WT Henley heavy duty 4 pole cut-outs are insulated and designed to accept BS 88 "J" type fuse links.

Pictured: WT Henley Heavy Duty Cut Outs

WT Henley Heavy Duty Cut Outs

200/300amp and 500amp rated WT Henley heavy duty cut-outs are available.

Pictured : WT Henley Single Pole Heavy Duty Cutout. The cutout is shown terminated with 300sqmm stranded aluminium conductor within incoming mechanical connector. Cable entry/exit from the cutout is via a PVC grommet, hence the heavy duty cutout is ideal for limited work space installations. A three-cable entry position-sealing chamber is available. Incoming cable termination is available via double shear bolt mechanical connector, 95-300sqmm conductors. 

WT Henley Heavy Duty Cutouts

WT Henley Also Have A Range Of House Service Cut Outs 240V 415V CNE & SNE

T&D also offer alongside WT Henley a range of House Service Cut-Outs 240V 415V CNE & SNE.

WT Henley Low Voltage Fusegear range includes house service cut-outs, insulated connector boxes (Henley Blocks), heavy duty cut-outs, ABC boxes, overhead service cut-outs, fuse carriers, solid links, rising service boxes, multiway service heads, multi-service pillars, street lighting cut-outs and miniature circuit breakers.

T&D supply the complete range of WT Henley Cut-Outs including Heavy Duty Cut-Outs, House Service Cut-Outs and Pole Mounted Cut-Outs.


4 Pole Heavy Duty Cut Out - 200A to 400A - Henley 54427-15


4 Pole Heavy Duty Cut Out - 500A TP&N - Henley 54428-01


4 Pole Heavy Duty Cut Out - 630A TP&N - Henley 54428-04