ABB MWK High Voltage Surge Arresters AC 4-44kV

By Chris Dodds on 27th January, 2013

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ABB MWK High Voltage Surge Arresters AC 4-44kV

ABB Medium Voltage MV Surge Arresters

ABB MWK High Voltage Surge Arresters AC 4kV - 44kV

ABB MWK indoor and outdoor high voltage AC surge arresters protect against multiple atmospheric and switching overvoltages including Very Fast Transients (VFT). ABB MWK surge arresters are suitable for the protection of high voltage transformers, cables, motors and other HV electrical equipment.

ABB MWK Surge Arresters

ABB high voltage metal-oxide surge arresters are renowned for their high performance in both indoor and outdoor installations. The MWK surge arresters are produced with a polymer housing made of silicone. The silicone housing is deirectly moulded onto the active part of the surge arrester, thus avoiding any air volume or air gap inside the housing.  cover the complete range of continuous operating voltages from 4-44kV(kV rms), including 6.6kV, 11kV, 15kV, 20kV, 24kV, 33kV, 36kV cable networks and systems.

ABB MWK High Voltage Surge Arrester Advantages

  • Low residual voltage
  • Long protection distance
  • High energy input capacity
  • Explosion and shatter-resistant design
  • Pollution resistant and UV stable
  • Stable against shock and vibration

The surge arresters are extremely resistant against overload, thus preventing explosions and subsequential damage to other high voltage electrical equipment in the area. In comparison to other polymeric materials, silicone has the highest resistance against pollution. The silicone used by ABB has proven itself under severe environmental conditions like water, salt fog, sand, industrial pollution as well as UV radiation.

ABB surge arresters are tested according to IEC standard 9904, 1991.


ABB MWK High Voltage Surge Arrester Specifications

Nominal discharge current In 8/20 μs

10kA peak

Line discharge class (LD)


High current impulse Ihc 4/10 μs

100kA peak

Long duration current impulse

550A / 2000μs

Short circuit rating Is 50 Hz

20kA rms for 0.2s

Classification according to IEEE (ANSI) C62.11


Torque moment


Tensile strength axial


Short term load SSL horizontal to axis


Long term load SLL horizontal to axis


Ambient air temperature

−60 to +40 °C


up to 1800 m

Frequency of system voltage

16.7/50/60 Hz


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ABB Medium Voltage Power Products

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With the technical, commercial and engineering support of ABB Power Products divisions T&D can deliver Fuses, Transformers, Surge Arresters, Vacuum Contactors and Capacitors for the protection and distribution of medium voltage electricity and cable systems.



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