Cable Fault Locators, Mobile

                        Mobile Battery Operated Cable Fault Locators  
Fault Locating of Power Distribution Cables in
Low & High Voltage (11kV-33kV-66kV) Networks

Short Circuit Cable Faults, Cable Cuts, Resistive Cable Faults, Intermittent Cable Faults, Cable Sheath Faults, Partial Discharges

Cable faults are the ''natural enemy'' of reliability. Seba KMTCable Fault Locators, Mobile - SEBA KMT Megger cable fault locators localise low voltage and high voltage cable faults without causing damage to fault-free parts of the cable.

Mobile cable fault locators provide battery operated cable fault location from a stand-alone operation - ideal for field fault location with 15kV, 25kV, 30kV and 40kV cable units enabling cable fault location in LV-HV cable networks.

SEBA KMT cable fault location instruments identify short circuit faults, cable cuts, resistive faults, intermittent faults and sheath faults.
2 types of Cable Fault Location :
1) Pre-location : determines distance of the position of fault
2) Pin-pointing : determines location of exact fault position in field

User friendly cable fault location is enabled by a "Step-by-Step Easy Mode" - the operator is guided through the cable fault location process. The cable fault locators have an in-built "Expert-Mode" providing comprehensive cable fault location under difficult conditions.  

SEBA KMT Portable Cable Fault Locators.........

SPG40 -
Portable and mobile cable fault locating with cable test and sheath fault location features for 3.3kV, 6.6kV 11kV and 33kV power cable networks.

SPG5-1000 -
Cable fault location system with ICEplus pre-location facility for low voltage cable networks.

Surgeflex - Portable and mobile cable fault locating with cable test and sheath fault location features up to 32kV.

The following SEBA KMT Guide to Power Cable Fault Location covers Conductor & Shield Fault Conductor (Parallel Cable Fault), Flashing Fault (Parallel Cable Fault), Serial Fault, Earth Faults, Sheath Faults and Humid/Wet Cable Faults on medium and high voltage cables. For cable fault resistance values there is a significant variation between short circuit, resistive and high resistive faults - this information has a serious influence on the procedures to be used the location of cable faults on medium and high voltage cables.


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