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A complete range of Ellis Patents cable hangers capable for handling horizontal cable runs with maximum 100mm diameter cables, this includes 1 way, 2 way, 3 way, 4 way, 5 way and 6 way cable hangers.

Cable hangers are fabricated from mild steel flat bar, hot dipped galvanised to BS EN 1461:1999 after manufacture. Special cable hangers and bracket designs available - girder hanging, 90° twist, side by side cable hangers.

Network Rail and LUL Approved Rail Cable Hangers are used extensively throughout  the rail and public mass transit systems for supporting power, signal and comms cable runs - this includes LV-HV cable support and hanging for multi-core and bundled cables on extended horizontal cable runs and hanging cables on walls and support structures, e.g. tunnel cable installations and lighting systems.

Launched at Railtex 2015 the Ellis Patents Pegasus range of nylon cable hangers are a non-metallic J type modular cable support system with London Underground LU Approval. 50% lighter than steel J hangers to support cables where a non-metallic cable support is required. 

Pictured : Ellis Patents Pegasus Nylon Cable Hangers. Suitable for single and multiple cable support.

Ellis Patents Nylon Pegasus Cable Hangers


J hangers are in service throughout the London Underground providing cable support for power and communication cables.

Recommended safe working loads for cable hangers is detailed below - hangers with multiple hook configurations are designed to operate with all hooks carrying their maximum load.

  • Cable Hangers - Size 1 up to 50mm 2000 Newtons, 200 Kgs
  • Cable Hangers - Size 2 51-75mm 2500 Newtons, 250 Kgs
  • Cable Hangers - Size 3 76-100mm 2500 Newtons, 250 Kgs 


Ellis Patents Cable Hangers (J Type) Galvanised Steel - Selection Table

Ellis Patents J Type Cable Hangers


  • Rail Cable Support - T&D distribute cable brackets, cable clamps, cable cleats, cable ties and straps for supporting LV, HV, power and signalling rail cables - made from low smoke zero halogen (LSOH LSF) in accordance with London Underground Limited (LU) Engineering Standard, "Fire Safety Performance of Materials Specification" 1-085. Suitable also for supporting and locating low and high voltage cables, conduit, trunking, wiring ducts, pipeworks, carriers and tubes on rail infrastructure.

Ellis Patents UK manufacture a complete range of cable containment and cable support solutions including high performance, high specification cable cleats to cater for all LV-HV cabling and short circuit requirements.

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Cable Hangers J Type Galvanised Steel - Ellis Patents


Cable Hangers J Type Nylon - Ellis Patents Pegasus