3M Hazardous Area Cable Joints Kits (Zone 1 & Zone 2 Cable Joints)

3M3M Hazardous Area Zone 1 & Zone 2 Cable Joint Kits

Offshore, Oil, Gas, Petrochem & Industrial Cable Joints


T&D are 3M Electricals largest UK stockist for their range of Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment including Zone 1 and Zone  2 cable joint kits, cable terminations and cable abandonment kits up to 3.3kV - this includes 3M Scotchcast and 3M Cold Shrink technologies.

3M Scotchcast Hazardous Area Cable Joints

With the support of 3M Electrical, T&D provide : 

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This covers the cable jointing, terminating and abandonment of LV-HV cables in hazardous areas (potentially explosive atmospheres).

3M Scotchcast 1400U resin cable joint kits are hydrocarbon resistant with excellent flameproof performance for Zone 1 and 2 hazardous area cable jointing – hydro carbon resistant to oils, gases and chemicals.

3M Hazardous Area (Zone 1 and 2) Cable Joint Kits demonstrate unrivalled service reliability and are specified by the major global oil and gas companies.

This includes Nexen, Total Fina Elf, BG, StatoilHydro, Shell, BP, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, ExxonMobil, Marathon, EnCana, Lundin and TengizChevrOil.

3M Hazardous Area Cable Joints Oil & Gas Industry Approved

3M resin cable joint kits are in widespread service throughout the North Sea, UKCS, onshore refineries, chemical plants and hazardous area sites – peace of mind performance in harsh operating conditions.

Hazardous Area Zones ClassificationATEX Cable Joints

Zone 1 - where flammable atmosphere is likely to occur during normal operation.

Zone 2 - where flammable atmosphere is not likely to occur during normal operation and if it does will only exist for short period of time, typically less than 10 hours per year.

3M Cable Joint Kit List  

  • Cable joint mould (hydro carbon resistant, halogen-free, flame retardant)
  • 3M Scotchcast 1402FR hydro carbon resistant resin (replaces 3M 1400U resin)
  • 3M Scotch 23 self amalgamating insulating tapes
  • 3M Scotch 2228 mastic tapes
  • 3M armour continuity copper screen stocking
  • 3M cable core separation spirals
  • Cable jointing kit instruction

Pictured : 3M Hazardous Area Scotchcast 1402FR Cable Joint (LVI3 Kit)

Hazardous Area Cable Joint

Cable joint kit excludes connectors (compression crimp splice, brass tunnel or mechanical shearbolt compatible).

Cable joints do not come under ATEX 94/9/EC because they are part of the cabling system - cable are not certified for use in hazardous areas but the requirements for suitable cables and joints are dealt with in EN IEC60079-14 Installation in Hazardous Areas.

Effectively this means they are covered under good practice under the DSEAR (ATEX 137) regulations - SIRA Certification Statment Ex Products Manager 2008. Further reading : A Shutdown Postmortem - The Inevitable Consequences Of Damaged Cables

Video : 3M Hazardous Area Cable Joints (Zone 1 & Zone 2)


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