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EmtelleEmtelle Cable Duct - Power & Telecoms Cable Duct

PVC Cable Duct for High Voltage HV Cables 33kV - Class 1

Green Cable TV & Grey BT Cable Duct 

Emtelle are market leading manufacturers of telecommunication and power cable duct systems in PVC-U and PE for the protection of LV-HV underground power and telecom cables - this include Class 1 PVC cable duct for protection of 33kV underground high voltage cables.

Emtelle cable duct systems include a comprehensive range of duct bends, connectors, adaptors, tees, access chambers, termination and building entry and testing fittings.

Emtelle provides Cable In Duct for both Telecoms and Electricity market with the ability to place fibre optic cables or copper cables in HDPE cable duct from 20mm to 63mm (outside diameter). The cable is placed in the duct "In Line" at the point of manufacture, or retrospectively depending on the specification of the cable.

Emtelle Cable Duct is advantageous where high speed and low cost construction techniques are adopted in rural locations with the obvious benefits which include :-

• Added cable protection over and above the alternative of directly burying underground cables.

• No secondary cable placement following duct or sub duct installation.

• Emtelle cable duct can be shipped to site on standard or bespoke drums to meet client / installer requirements. Typically, Emtelle can ship up to 2000m of 40mm Duct (pre-cabled) on a standard drum (2.4m flange by 1.1m width – metal skeletal).

• Pre and post production cable testing is also available upon request.

Emtelle Telecoms Cable Duct Overview : PVC-U Primary Cable Duct, HDPE Sub Duct & Duct Systems, Blown Fibre Tubing, Cable In Duct, Multi Duct.

Underground Cable Protection for Power & Telecoms Cables

Emtelle cable ducts provide underground cable protection to LV-HV cables, including UK DNO approved Classs 1 PVC cable duct for 33kV high voltage power cable protection, Emtelle PowerProtect. HV power cable duct is also available for 11kV and triplex cables. Emtelle cable duct also includes underground cable protection for LV low voltage motorway comms, street lighting, traffic signals and utility waveform power cables. Emtelle telecoms and fibre optic cable ducting (green, grey and white) carries approvals by BT, Cable & Wireless, Kingston Communications and Virgin Media.


Emtelle Cable Duct Underground Cable Ducting for LV HV Cables