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ABB V Contact VSC Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors

Up to 12 kV, 400 A


ABB MV medium voltage VSC contactors are apparatus suitable for operating in AC and are normally used to control users requiring a high number of hourly operations. The VSC medium voltage contactor introduces the drive with permanent magnets, already widely used and appreciated in medium voltage circuit-breakers, into the worldwide panorama of medium voltage contactors. ABB vacuum contactors are available in the fixed version with the following functions: Single Command Operated, electrical latching behaviour and Double Command Operated, mechanical latching behaviour.

ABB VSC vacuum contactors for medium voltages are used for controlling electrical apparatus in the electrical power and transmission industry. Thanks to the vacuum interrupter breaking technique, the ABB vacuum contactors can operate in particularly difficult environments. Suitable for control and protection of MV medium voltage motors, transformers, power factor correction banks and switching systems. Fitted with suitable fuses, ABB contactors can be used in circuits with fault levels up to 50 kA.

ABB Indoor Vacuum Contactors VSC

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– ABB SCO Vacuum Contactors (Single Command Operated) : closing takes place by supplying auxiliary power to the special input of the multi-voltage feeder. On the other hand, opening takes place when the auxiliary power is either voluntarily cut off (by means of a command) or involuntarily (due to lack of auxiliary power in the installation).

– ABB DCO Vacuum Contactors  (Double Command Operated) : closing takes place by supplying the input of the closing command of the apparatus in an impulsive way. On the other hand, opening takes place when the input of the opening command of the contactor is supplied in an impulsive way.


ABB VSC Vacuum Contactors Technical Characteristics

  • Chopping current value ≤ 0.5 A
  • Maintenance-free
  • Suitable for installation in prefabricated substations and switchgear
  • High number of operations
  • Direct checking of contact wear
  • Long electrical and mechanical life
  • Remote control
  • Multi-voltage feeder
  • Bistable drive of the type with permanent magnets


ABB IEC Indoor Vacuum Contactors VSC Technical Data


Ref. to the
IEC 62271-106 Standard 

Rated Voltage


Withstand Voltage at 50 Hz


Impulse Withstand Voltage


Rated Frequency


Rated Service Current


Short-Time Withstand Current for 1s 


Rated Peak Current


Breaking Capacity Up To 


Short-Circuit Making Capacity Up To 



Electromagnetic Performance : ABB V-Contact VSC vacuum contactors ensure medium voltage operation without unwarranted trips when there are interferences caused by electronic apparatus, by atmospheric disturbances or by discharges of electrical type. Moreover they do not produce any interference with electronic apparatus in the vicinity of the apparatus. ABB contactors are in compliance with IEC 60694, 60470, 61000- 6-2, 61000-6-4 Standards, as well as with the EEC 89/336 European Directive regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and the feeders are CE marked to indicate their compliance.



ABB MV Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors

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ABB Medium Voltage MV Vacuum Contactors