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T&D UK distribute ABB outdoor high voltage fuses - the ABB fuse ranges includes : transformer fuses, ANSI capacitor fuses, IEC current limiting fuses and IEC transformer fuses.

High voltage fuses are available for all electrical equipment, transformer and switchgear voltages including 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV, 15kV and 33kV.

Capacitor Fuses for High Voltage Fuse Applications
Expulsion (ABB CXP) v. Current Limiting Fuses (ABB COL, CLXP)

Fuse Operation : Fuses in general operate by melting a fusible element or link. As the fuse element melts an arc is developed, 3 conditions must be present to extinguish the arc : 1) Pressure, 2) Cooling, 3) Stretching.

Expulsion Fuses : ABB CXP high voltage expulsion fuses for capacitor fuse applications provide a means of disconnecting a failed capacitor from the circuit by melting a tin-lead low current link. The shorter capacitor unit causes a large increase in the current through the HV fuse. The current is limited only by the power system reactance and the other capacitor units in series with the failed capacitor unit - the pressure is generated by the hot arc making contact with the fiber lining of the fuse tube. The link is cooled and stretched as it is forced out the tube. The fuse continues to conduct until a natural current zero occurs - the current zero is caused by the power system fault current crossing zero. If other capacitors are connected in parallel with the failed unit, all the stored energy in these capacitors will be absorbed in either the fuse operation of the failed capacitor unit. Most of the energy is absorbed in the failed capacitor.

Current Limiting Fuses : ABB current limiting fuses for capacitor fuse applications are designed to operate in 2 different ways.

1- ABB COL high voltage fuses for capacitor fuse applications use ribbons with a non-uniform cross section, the configuration allows the HV COL fuse to be used to interrupt inductively limited faults. The pressure is generated by the arc contained in the sealed housing - the cooling is provided by the sand around the HV fuse element. The element melts at each non-uniformity and develops a low back voltage. The back voltage limits the peak current by inserting what appears to be a higher impedance in the fuse path. The fuse element path provides the stretching. The ABB COL high voltage fuse link will not force the current to a zero value - the arc will wait for the first natural current zero and extinguish the arc at that time. The low current element will then drop out to provide an air gap for dielectric isolation. Since this fuse link conducts to a natural zero and is developing a back voltage, a large portion of the energy is absorbed in the HV fuse. The energy is shared between the fuse link and the failed capacitor unit.

2- ABB CLXP high voltage fuses for capacitor fuse applications use a long uniform cross section fuse element, this configuration makes the fuse a current chopping or limiting fuse. The HV fuse develops a back voltage per inch of element across the entire length of the fuse element. When this voltage exceeds the available voltage across the fuse, the fuse forces the arc to extinguish. The cooling and pressure are provided in the same manner as the ABB COL high voltage current limting capacitor fuse. The result is that a trapped voltage may and probably will remain on the other capacitors in the series group - the fuse by its design avoids absorbing all of the available energy on the series group. This HV fuse is used for capacitor banks with a large number of parallel capacitors - ABB CLXP current limiting fuse can be used on high voltage fusing applications with essentially infinite parallel stored energy, as long as sufficient back voltage can be developed to force the current to extinguish. ABB CLXP high voltage fuses are applied and installed to series, large shunt and DC capacitor banks. Because of the high back voltage that is developed, the ABB CLXP fuse must be used with several capacitors in parallel to limit the voltage build up or a flashover may occur elsewhere in the capacitor rack - the ABB CLXP HV capacitor fuse design can also beused in inductively limited fault applications.


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