Copper Busbars

Copper Busbars

T&D UK are the specialist distributor and stockholder of copper busbar to the power generation and distribution industries including high voltage substation and switchgear contractors up to 400kV.

Within the T&D Group we can organise the design, production and delivery of copper busbar to satisfy the electrical specification of all power projects.

We service the utilities (electricity, water, gas), rail, marine and offshore, renewable energy, oil and gas industries with high quality, high specification copper busbars.

Copper busbars are specified for high current, high voltage distribution and control applications including switchgear, transformers, control panels, panel boards and fusegear.

Copper Busbars Overview - flat, round, recantangular copper busbar in simple or complex configuration for low and high voltage electrical applications. Facilities include machining, bending, punching and brazing of copper busbars.

T&D UK provide Aluminium and Copper Busbar for 33kV, 66kV, 132kV applications to BS159. 

Aluminium Busbar Tube E91E TF BS2898
Copper Busbar Tube C101 HDHC BS2871


Nearest British Standard Equivalent

European Material Designation

Copper Description

C101 Copper Busbars



C101 Copper Busbars


Silver bearing copper Ag 0.03 - 0.05

C101 Copper Busbars


Silver bearing copper Ag 0.06 - 0.08

C101 Copper Busbars


Silver bearing copper Ag 0.08 - 0.012

C103 Copper Busbars


Oxygen free copper

C109 Copper Busbars


Free machining copper (added tellurium)

C110 Copper Busbars


Oxygen free copper

C111 Copper Busbars


Free machining copper (added sulphur)

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