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ABB Surge Arresters for Low Voltage Overhead Line Protection

ABB low voltage surge arresters LOVOS-5 and LOVOS-10 are a new generation of LV surge arresters ensuring electrical protection of overhead lines, electric energy receivers, distributing transformers and low voltage electrical equipment. Specify and install ABB LOVOS type surge arresters to protect low voltage power equipment from the effects of lightning and switching overvoltages.

ABB low voltage surge arrester types LOVOS-5 and LOVOS-10 selection criteria: continuous operating voltage Uc, voltage protection level Up and energy absorption capability.

ABB Low Voltage Surge Arresters - LOVOS

ABB LOVOS-5 and LOVOS-10 Surge Arresters Design

Gapless surge arrester with metal-oxide block, having screw type line outlet and earthing outlet of flat fin version with a hole. ZnO block and outlets contact parts are encapsulated, without air-gap, in UV resistant polyamide housing. The housing ensures ZnO block protection against weather condictions, proper contact force between ZnO block and its outlets and suitable level of insulation. ABB surge arresters are available with or without disconnecting devices.


ABB LOVOS-5 and LOVOS-10 Surge Arresters Maintenance 

ABB surge arresters do not require special maintenance. Check surge arresters after storms with atmospheric discharges. Damaged surge arresters and those with engaged disconnecting devices should be replaced.


Applications for Low Voltage LV Surge Arresters

The ABB LOVOS range provides protection along LV overhead lines, cables, motors, switches, any equipment connected to the line, from the LV side of distribution transformers up to measuring instruments.

Typical places of installation

  • Low voltage switchgears, distribution transformers (LV side)
  • Transition points of insulated and uninsulated, overhead and underground lines and cables
  • Electricity service entrance locations to buildings (in cabinets or at poles)
  • At junctions (branching])
  • Every 500 / 1000 m of overhead line in locations of high lightning activity
  • At the end of dead-end feeder line
  • At the sealing ends of inserted cables
  • At any apparatuses connected to secondary voltage source

ABB LOVOS Low Voltage LV Surge Arresters


ABB LOVOS-5 and ABB LOVOS-10 Low Voltage LV Surge Arresters

The principal active element of ABB LV low voltage LOVOS surge arresters is a metal oxide varistor characterised by high non-linearity - at a working voltage mainly a capacity current flows smaller than 1 mA. Any voltage increase causes a large increase of current flowing through the varistor, leading in turn to immediate limitation of further voltage increase on arrester terminals. When the overvoltage disappears, the surge arrester immediately returns to its basic state. Surge arresters are equipped with a disconnecting device, that disconnects the surge arrester from the low voltage electricity network if it becomes damaged as the result of overvoltage of too high energy or inadmissable voltage increase in the system. If such a situation occurs then the bottom terminal of the disconnecting device is rejected by the spring inside - this terminal remains suspended on an insulation leash.


ABB LOVOS-5 and ABB LOVOS-10 LV Surge Arresters - Advantages

  • Easy assembly and connection of ABB LOVOS surge arresters
  • Disconnecting device also fulfills function of damage indicator
  • Large choice of ABB LOVOS surge arrester accessories
  • Casing resistant to UV radiation, non-flammable
  • Maintenance free low voltage surge arresters
  • All surge arrester accessories are made from corrosion-resistant materials

ABB LOVOS surge arresters are compliant with following standards : PN-EN 61643-11 : 2006 /A11 : 2007 Surge Protection Devices Connected to Low Voltage Power Distribution Systems Part 1 : Performance Requirements and Testing Methods & EN 61643-11 : 2002/A11 : 2007 Low Voltage Surge Protective Devices - Part 11 : Surge Protective Devices Connected to Low Voltage Power Systems.


ABB Surge Arresters


Selection Principles for Surge Protection Equipment in a LV Low Voltage Distribution Network

TN-S the low voltage electricity supply has a connection of the neutral conductor with the earthing conductor at the feeding transformer only

ABB Surge Protection - TN-S

TN-C-S the neutral connector is earthed at the transformer and in other network points

ABB Surge Protection TN-C-S

IT there is no direct connection of active network parts with the earth, while accessible conducting parts of installation elements are earthed

ABB Surge Protection IT

TN-C neutral and earthing conductor are common (PEN) and earthed at the transformer or near it

ABB Surge Protection TN-C

TT neutral point of transformer is earthed directly, while the receivers installation is earthed by a seperate earth electrode

ABB Surge Protection TT

T = direct connection to earth, N = neutral, C = combined and S = seperate.

The following Uc (continuous operating voltage) values can be proposed as recommended voltages for 220/380V or 240/400V networks :

Uc = 280V for phase-neutral conductor and neutral conductor-earth protection (TT and TN systems)

Uc = 440V for phase-phase protection (TT, TN, IT systems)

Uc = 440V for phase-neutral conductor and neutral conductor-earth protection (IT system)

The above surge arrester/surge protection device parameters effectively covers all temporary overvoltage hazards that may occur in low voltage electrical power and distribution systems, simultaneously ensuring  the required electrical protection level.

ABB LV Surge Arresters LOVOS-5 LOVOS-10 Characteristics

SPD Type

Limiting voltage

Number Of Terminals


SPD Type

(acc. to IEC61643-1: 2005) 

Class II

SPD Type

(acc. to DIN/VDE 0675/6) 


Test Classification

acc. to IEC61643-1: 2005 Class II Tests

For System Voltages

Up to 1kV


Outdoor & indoor


Inaccessible (out of reach)

Method Of Installation

Permanent (name plate 'downwards')

SPD Disconnecting Device

Located internally

Ambient Temperatures

From -40°C to +70°C
Protection Degree

IP06 for standard execution

IP66 with insulated accessories

Nominal Charge In 8/20μs 

5kA or 10 kA (peak value)

Maximum Discharge Current Imax 8/20μs 

25kA or 40kA (peak value)

Limiting Discharge Current*

40kA or 65kA 4/10μs 

Voltage Protection Level 

Acc. to guaranteed data table

Continuous Operating Voltage

280V, 440V, 500V, 660V, 800V, 1000V AC (effective value)

Energy Absorption Capability**

4, 5 or 7 KJ/kV

Short-Circuit Withstand



Up to 62Hz

Total Creepage Distance


* requirement acc. to IEC 60099-4  **measured at one limiting surge 4/10 μs 


ABB LOVOS-5 LOVOS-10 LV Low Voltage Surge Arresters for Transformer Protection


ABB LOVOS-5 LOVOS-10 LV Low Voltage Surge Arresters - Installation


ABB LOVOS-5 LOVOS-10 LV Low Voltage Surge Arresters for Overhead Line Protection


ABB Low Voltage LV Surge Arresters, ABB LOVOS-5 & LOVOS-10


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