Highways Agency, Traffic Control, Motorway & Street Lighting Cables

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T&D UK distribute an extensive range of Highways Agency (HA), Traffic Control, Street Lighting and Motorway cables.

Highways Agency Cables, Street Lighting & Motorway Cables
NMCS National Motorway Communications System

  • TR2029 Loop Detector Cables
  • TR2031 Loop Feeder Cable (Armoured)
  • TR2150 Non Armoured Communications Cable
  • TR2151 Non Armoured Fibre Optic
  • TR2153 Non Armoured Energy Cable
  • TR2158 Armoured Communications
  • TR2159 Armoured Fibre Optic
  • TR2161 Armoured Energy Cable

Pictured : CSD RISE Rapid Cable Duct Sealing Systems For Motorway Comms 


T&D UK also stock and distribute Highways Agency (HA) Approved cable installation and electrical equipment including Duct Seals, Feeder Pillars, Cable Joints (Resin Cast & Heat Shrink), Photocells (PECU's)Cable Detection & Fault Location, Cut-outs & Isolators, Sign Fix Clips, Brass Cable Glands, Cable Terminations (CET), Tunnel Cable Hangers, 


Ritherdon Traffic Control, Traffic Signal & Street Lighting Equipment