Silver Fox cable labels provide reliable and durable labelling and marking of all industrial wires and cables in the construction, renewable energy, utilities, oil and gas (including hazardous areas), mining and quarrying, food and beverage and rail industries.


One Software, One Printer, One Ribbon

With the most productive and cost-efficient printers (thermal and laser) and computerised software the Silver Fox range of cable labels turn Time Into Profit.

25,000 labels printed in four hours

Watch how : Video : How To Print 25,000 Cable Labels In 4 Hours


The high specification and performance cable labels are specified for power, instrumentation, control, data, telecoms and fibre cable marking in the following industries :

  • Construction
  • Renewables
  • Oil, Gas & Petrochem
  • Rail
  • Mines & Quarries
  • Utilities
  • Power Transmission & Distribution
  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing

Cable Labels


Rail Industry Cable Labelling & Marking : LV-MV Power, S&T Cables

Silver Fox cable labels are in widespread service throughout rolling stock and infrastructure projects in the global rail industry - with Network Rail and London Underground approval in the UK for trackside and tunnel applications due to their low smoke zero halogen specification and overall durability and reliability in harsh operating conditions.

Typical applications : trackside, signalling, CCTV, tunnels, station fit out and improvement


Rail Cable Labels


Silver Fox Thermal Printed Labels (Fox-in-a-box Labacus)

  • Fox-in-Box
  • Fox-Flo LSOH Tie-on Cable Labels
  • Fox PVC Tie-on Cable Labels
  • Legend Polyester Tie-on Cable Labels
  • Legend Premium Heatshrink Cable Labels
  • Legend LSOH Heatshrink Cable Labels
  • Legend Non-shrink Tubing
  • Legend 2-Part Wire Marking
  • Prolab Wrap-around Self-laminating Cable Labels


Silver Fox Laser Printed Labels (Labacus Innovator Software & Standard Office Laser Printer)

  • Labacus Innovator Software
  • Legend Polyester Tie-on Cable Labels
  • Legend 2-Part Wire Marking
  • Prolab Wrap-around Self-laminating Cable Labels
  • Prolab Optical Fibre Flag Labels


Video : Silver Fox Fox-Flo Zero Halogen Tie-on Cable Labels - Flame Test

Silver Fox flame tested their Fox-Flo Low Smoke Zero Halogen Tie-On Cable Label against a competitors direct equivalent. The competitor cable label starts to burn after only 10 seconds and it propagates very quickly and begins to emit burning particles and black smoke. The Fox-Flo cable label does not start burning even after 45 seconds of a constant flame.

Silver Fox : Tie-on, Low Smoke Zero Halogen, Heatshrink Tubing, Nonshrink Tubing, 2-Part & Flag Type Cable Labels for power, instrumentation, control, telecoms, data and fibre cable labelling.

Silver Fox Cable Labels

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