Ellis Patents Colossus Cable Cleats (Trefoil)

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents Colossus Cable Cleats (Trefoil)

Heavy Duty Trefoil Cable Cleats



Ellis Patents Colossus cable cleats are manufactured from 316L stainless steel with LSF (Low Smoke & Fume) polymer.

Ellis Colossus cable cleats have been short circuit tested to a level of 104kA peak to provide medium-high voltage cable constraint and support in the utility, transmission and distribution markets.

Colossus trefoil cable cleats are designed to retain single core LV-HV power cables in formation during short-circuit situations. Ellis Patents Colossus cable cleats suit 24-170mm outside cable diameters.

Ellis Patents Colossus Hybrid Cable Cleat

Ellis Patents, the world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer, launched the Colossus cable cleat at CIRED 2013 conference and exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden to wide acclaim.

Ellis Patents then released the Colossus cable cleat range at Offshore Europe 2013 accompanied by offshore cable cleats including Emperor, Vulcan and Phoenix.

Colossus stainless steel cable cleats are manufactured to withstand seawater and salt spray corrosion and retain low and high voltage (LV-HV) offshore shipwiring and marine power cables to cable tray, ladder and containment.

Ellis Patents Colossus cleats have been tested in accordance with the International Standard of "Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations" IEC 61914.

IEC61914:2009 provides a method for cable cleats to be short circuit tested so that results for different types of cleats can be compared. The cable cleat manufacturer should determine the fault level at which they wish to test their cable cleats.

However, the cable must be unarmoured single core 600V/1000V stranded copper conductor cable and the testing assembly must be in accordance with the requirements of the standard.

IEC61914 Cable Cleats - Ellis Patents Colossus Trefoil Cleats

Trefoil Colossus Cable Cleat

Ellis Patents Colossus Cable Cleats - Product Range
Part Number Cable Range Dimensions Weight 

Minimum Diameter

Maximum Diameter W H D P Fixing Holes
COL24-29 24mm 29mm 128mm 87mm 60mm 25mm 2 x M10 + M12 1097g
COL27-32 27mm 32mm 133mm 92mm 60mm 25mm 2 x M10 + M12 1125g
COL30-36 30mm 36mm 137mm 101mm 60mm 25mm 2 x M10 + M12 1146g
COL34-41 34mm 41mm 146mm 110mm 60mm 25mm 2 x M10 + M12 1218g
COL39-47 39mm 47mm 157mm 122mm 60mm 25mm 2 x M10 + M12 1280g
COL45-54 45mm 54mm 171mm 141mm 70mm 50mm 2 x M10 1455g
COL52-62 52mm 62mm 185mm 156mm 70mm 50mm 2 x M10  1568g
COL60-72 60mm 72mm 204mm 176mm 70mm 50mm 2 x M10 1682g
COL69-83 69mm 83mm 225mm 202mm 100mm 75mm 2 x M12 2212g
COL79-95 79mm 95mm 247mm 225mm 100mm 75mm 2 x M12 2374g
COL91-109 91mm 109mm 273mm 253mm 100mm 120mm 2 x M12 2588g
COL105-126 105mm 126mm 306mm 286mm 150mm 120mm 2 x M12 3737g
COL122-146 122mm 146mm 345mm 324mm 150mm 150mm 2 x M12 4135g
COL142-170 142mm 170mm 390mm 371mm 150mm 150mm 2 x M12 4633g


Vital Short Circuit Protection with Ellis Patents Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents are a leading voice in the campaign to have cable cleats reclassified as short-circuit protection devices.

A move that would mean cable cleats would be placed on a parallel with fuses and circuit breakers. "This reclassification makes absolute sense. In the event of a cable fault, the forces between cables reach their peak in the first quarter cycle, which is the point that cable cleats earn their crust.

In contrast, circuit breakers typically interrupt the fault after 3 or even 5 cycles by which time, if the cable cleats are underspecified, the cables will no longer be secure, but will be putting vital electrical installations and lives at unnecessary risk," says Paul Nolan UK Sales Manager, EP.

Ellis Patents cable cleats are specified for cable clamping,cleating and support in the utilities, power, construction, rail, mining, offshore, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats

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Ellis Patents Colossus Cable Cleats - Trefoil Cleats