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A-Belco EASIGO & CEEGO Industrial Plugs & Sockets to BS196

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T&D distribute A-Belco Industrial Connectors (EASIGO, CEEGO, Heavy Duty and Custom Build) ranges of industrial plugs and sockets.

A-Belco Industrial Connectors are widely used in heavy duty power distribution applications including marine and offshore, port authorities, chemicals, mines, quarries, power stations and rail. 
The A-Belco Reyrolle EASIGO range of industrial plugs and sockets to BS196 provide an extensive choice of protected type non reversible, single phase plugs, sockets and interlocked switched socket units. BS196 plugs and connectors are two-pin, non-reversible plugs, with a scraping earth connection. The fusing in BS196 plugs can apply to either pole, or the plug may be unfused altogether. Interchangeability of BS196 plugs is prevented by means of a keyway which may have any of eighteen different positions - BS196 plugs are available in 5amp, 15amp or 30amp versions. 

A-Belco Reyrolle plugs have 5, 15, and 30A current ratings with optional 3 phase fittings.

A-Belco Industrial Connectors is an established  manufacturer of Industrial Plugs, Sockets, Connectors, Interlocks and Combination Units for the control and distribution of electrical power for commercial and industrial applications. The A-Belco ranges include EASIGO, which was originally launched in the 1940s by Reyrolle Industrial Accessories and continues to provide a comprehensive range of protected non-reversible single and three-phase plugs,  sockets and interlocked switch sockets from 5A to 60A - to the exact same standards and specification through A-Belco Industrial Connectors.


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