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Using the correct tools to prepare industrial and utility cables before cable jointing and terminating reduces catastrophic cable failures.

LV-HV cable jointing tools enable cable preparation, stripping and cutting of insulation (XLPE, EPR), semi-conductive screens (bonded and peelable) and cable sheaths (PVC, PE, EPR) from single and multi-core cables.

T&D supply LV-HV Cable Jointing, Laying & Network Connections Equipment to DNO's, IDNO's and ICP's undertaking contestable works on SSE, ENW, NIE, Northern Powergrid, WPD, SP Energy and UKPN areas. 


click link > T&D 2015 E-Brochure : LV MV Power, Cabling, Jointing & Electrical Equipment


LV  11KV  33KV  HV  132KV  EHV


Cable Sheath Cutter

Cable Sheath Cutter
Strip outer cable sheaths
Trade Price £142.27 

Special Price £113.82                       INFO

Cable Sheath Stripping Pliers

Strip outer sheath from PVC, PE, EPR cables
PG2 10-25mm - Special Price £142.50
PG3 26-52mm - Special Price £176.25
PG4 47-75mm - Special Price £210.00

Cable Sheath Stripping Pliers

Insulation Stripping Tool

XLPE Insulation Stripping Tool
15-52mm cable OD's
 Trade Price  £818.32

Special Price £613.73                        INFO

Triplex XLPE Insulation Stripping Tool
95-300sqmm, 11kV-20kV

Triplex XLPE Insulation Stripping Tool

Bonded Semi-Con Screen Removal Tool

Bonded Semi-Con Screen Remover
10-52mm cable OD's
 Trade Price  £638.14

Special Price £478.60                          INFO

Easy Strip Semi-Con Screen Remover
16-41mm cable
 Trade Price £367.88 

Special Price £275.91


Easy Strip Semi-Con Screen Removal Tool

Cable Sheath & XLPE Insulation Stripping Tool

Cable Sheath & XLPE
Insulation Stripping Tool

15-50mm cable OD's
 Trade Price  £704.00

Special Price £528.00                             INFO

Suit LV HV XLPE PILC Waveform Consac Triplex - contact T&D

ALSO : Insulated Tool Sets for UK DNO's & Contractors

Cembre NEWS
T&D UK continue to support National Grid Electricity Alliances, Lloyds NERS and HV cable contractors with an extensive range of LV HV Cable Jointing, Laying & Electrificiation Eqpt – CATU Electrical Substation & Overhead Line Safety, PB Weir NSI Portable Earth Kits, Boddingtons Overhead Line Shroud, Izumi Overhead Line Crimping & Cutting, AN Wallis Substation Earthing & Lightning Protection, 3M 11kV-33kV Cold Shrink Joints & Terminations, SPS 11kV Triplex Cable Joints & Terminations, SEBA KMT Cable Fault Locators.

T&D supply LV-HV Cable Accessories, Jointing & Electrical Eqpt - we service UK and global businesses involved in cable installations, cable jointing, substation and electrical construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV and EHV - we export to utilities, power, construction, rail, mining, offshore, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

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