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Passive Safe Terminations & Safety Equipment


The TOFCO TPSK range of Passively Safe Cable Terminations have been specifically designed for use with all Passively Safe Support Structures in accordance with BSEN 12767:2007 - these include High Energy, Low Energy and No Energy lighting columns, signposts and traffic signal posts.

TOFCO offer two Passive Safe Termination Systems tailored to meet the varied requirements of the street lighting industry - the TPSK - ZV and the TPSK - SAFE system.

TOFCO TPSK - ZV – this is the market leading Zero Voltage disconnection system, ensuring that complete electrical disconnection is achieved below ground in the event of a vehicle impact, even if the supply cable is tethered.

Pictured : TOFCO TPSK - ZV (Zero Voltage) Passive Safe Termination 

TOFCO TPSK - ZV (Zero Voltage)

1. Underground cable chamber with duct access

2. Fixing eye bolt for attaching snatch plug cable

3. Termination enclosure compliant to IP68 rating

4. IP68 BW corrosion guard captive cone gland for steel wire armoured cable

5. IP68 compression gland

6. Adjustable height shelf can be fitted in vertical or horizontal position

7. Double pole switch disconnector with BS88 fuse protection

8. Terminal blocks to terminate supply cable

9. IP68 snatch plug and socket to comply with BSEN 12767:2007

10. Double pole column isolator unit compliant with BS60947-3


The TOFCO system has been officially Crash Tested at MIRA with a Zero Voltage Outcome

Electrical supply completely disconnected within underground chamber within time constraints of BSEN 12767:2007.


What are Passively Safe Systems?

Passively Safe Systems are those items of street furniture placed in the roadside which are designed to deform or break on impact to reduce the severity of injury to a road user in the event of an impact. These include sign posts, lighting columns and gantries. These systems are tested to the harmonised European standard EN12767.


Highways Agency EN 1317 Compliant Road Restraint Systems - 2009


Passive Safe Street Furniture for Rural & Urban Road - Draft


The Use of Passively Safe Signposts & Lighting Columns