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Cable Joints, Cable Terminations & Cable Abandonment


3M Cold Shrink technology has replaced traditional heat shrink as the specification standard for cable abandonment, cable jointing and cable terminating of LV-HV cables in the global oil, gas, petrochemical, utility and construction industries.

3M Cold Shrink cable joints, cable terminations and cable abandonment kits offer faster, safer and simpler installations without the dangers and hassles of “hot-working” - no naked flames, no gas torches, no ignition tooling, no “hot-work” permit applications required with 3M Cold Shrink.

3M Cold Shrink Terminations & Joints for Hazardous AreasHazardous Area

Hot-working poses serious HSE dangers with respect to ignition sources in hazardous areas - air, naked flames and the presence of atmospheric combustible substances trigger the Ignition Triangle.

3M Cold Shrink carries a first class safety and service record without any hidden dangers.

3M Cold Shrink Technology Explained3M Cold Shrink Cable Caps

Cold Shrink technology moulds round a cable joint or cable termination under its own elasticity without the need for special cable tools or installer techniques.

Its secret lies right inside every 3M Cold Shrink tube in the form of a plastic coil.

After the Cold Shrink Termination or Cable Joint has been placed over the cable joint or cable end, this inner spiral is pulled out.

The insulating Cold Shrink tube then contracts from its pre-stretched size and shrinks onto the cable, exerting permanent radial pressure as a cable joint, cable termination or cable abandonment kit.

Silicone rubber is today’s choice for 3M Cold Shrink Joints and Terminations - it is hydrophobic - particularly important in outdoor cable terminations.

Water on the surface forms droplets rather than spreading into an even film that can increase the chances of tracking or insulation breakdown.

Silicone is mostly inorganic, so leakage currents or arcing on the surface do not create a conducting carbon path.

Silicone Cold Shrink is UV-stable without the need for inhibitors while its smooth surface provides minimal grip for contaminants.

Instant Energisation - Minimised Power Interruptions

3M Cold Shrink joints and Cold Shrink terminations allow immediate power restoration during fault work, unplanned outages or planned shutdowns – no “curing” or “cooling” delays associated with resin or heat shrink cable jointing.

Cold Shrink Facts

Cold shrink tubing, like heat shrinkCold Shrink Tubes tubing, is used to achieve a tight fit around cables and connectors as part of cable splices, cable joints, cable abandonment and cable terminations and for bundling cables together for strain relief or protection against the environment.

Cold shrink tubing is easier to install than heat shrink tubing, without requiring any special tools or special training.

Essentially, a cold shrink tube is an open ended rubber sleeve, made primarily from rubber elastomers with high-performance physical properties, that has been factory expanded, or pre-stretched, and assembled onto a supporting removable plastic core.

Cold shrink tubing shrinks upon removal of that supporting core during the installation process. The electrician slides the tube over the cable to be terminated and unwinds the core, causing the tube to collapse down, or contract, in place.

Once they are installed, cold shrink tubes create a dynamic, compressive environmental seal and electrical interface without sealants and adhesives.

The tubes are always "attempting" to return to original size (smaller than the conductor it is on). The constant inward pressure means the cable can be flexed and the seal will not be broken.

Silicone cold shrink assemblies are inherently UV resistant, and with an additive, EPDM becomes UV resistant. Both are water resistant and good performers in a broad range of temperatures.

Cold shrink technology is well suited to outdoor applications as well as to medium- and high-voltage cable splices and cable terminations.

Generally, cold shrink tubing is more flexible and pliable than heat shrink tubing. Those qualities allow the cold shrink products to move with the cable as it goes through thermal expansions and contractions.

T&D UK are stockist distributors for the range of 3M Cold Shrink cable joints, cable terminations and cable abandonment kits.

YouTube Video : 3M Cold Shrink

Cold Shrink cable splicing products, invented by 3M, help provide reliable electrical insulation and protection against moisture and contamination.

3M Cold Shrink is supplied stretched on a removable core for quick and easy installation.

The following Video demonstates the application and installation process for 3M Cold Shrink Tubes.


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