Prysmian Hook Cleats

Prysmian Bicon Cable CleatsPrysmian Bicon Aluminium Hook Cable Cleats

Formerly Pirelli Cables, formerly BICC (BICON) 

371 Series Cable Cleat


Prysmian Hook Cleats (aluminium cable clamps) are two piece, single fixing LUL approved industrial cleats that are suitable for indoor dry normal industrial use or outdoor unpolluted areas with operating temperatures -60ºC to +105ºC.

Hook cleats provide safe and reliable cable support either directly to a wall or located directly to cable tray, ladder or Unistrut.

Hook cleats feature a two part design with a single bolt fixing enabling the cleats to be installed temporarily in an open position.

Prysmian hook cleats form part of the BICON cable cleat range which includes trefoil, Afumex, claw and stainless steel Multicleats.

Pictured : Prysmian Bicon Aluminium Hook Cable Cleats 

Prysmian Bicon Aluminium Hook Cable Cleats - 371 Series

Prysmian Bicon Aluminium Hook Cable Cleat Specifications

  • Suitable for use with cable diameters 19 to 76mm
  • Manufactured from aluminium alloy
  • Self-adjusting ranges
  • Two-piece, single fixing design
  • Can be double stacked on a single fixing
  • Can be installed in temporary open position to aid single person working
  • Suitable for indoor dry normal industrial use or outdoor unpolluted areas
  • Operating temperature -60°C to +105°C
  • Not designed to secure cables in long vertical routes
  • LUL APR Product ID 1962

Prysmian Hook Cleats Performance Data

  • Type – 6.1.1 Metallic 
  • Impact Resistance – 6.2.5 Very Heavy
  • Lateral Load – 1.32 -> 1.5 kN
  • Axial Load – 82 -> 1.118 N
  • Needle Flame – >120 Seconds

Pictured: Prysmian Bicon Aluminium Hook Cable Cleats - Diagram

Prysmian Bicon 371 Series Hook Cable Cleats

Prysmian Bicon Aluminium Hook Cable Cleat - Product Specifications

Cable and Cleat Selection 

Cleat Details 

Design Number 

Cable Diameter 


Nylon A B C D E F G
Min Max Min Max


19mm 22mm 29mm 33mm 57mm 38mm 24mm 19mm 57g


22mm 25mm 34mm 37mm 62mm 38mm 26mm 19mm 71g


25mm 32mm 37mm 45mm 74mm 45mm 29mm 24mm 106g


32mm 38mm 44mm 50mm 81mm 45mm 32mm 24mm 113g


38mm 44mm 50mm 57mm 88mm 45mm 35mm 24mm 142g


44mm 51mm 55mm 63mm 94mm 45mm 38mm 24mm 142g


51mm 57mm 64mm 72mm 103mm 45mm 43mm 24mm 191g


57mm 64mm 72mm 79mm 111mm 45mm 48mm 24mm 213g


64mm 70mm 80mm 91mm 124mm 45mm 53mm 25mm 291g


76mm 91mm 96mm 132mm


57mm 27mm 326g

Installing Prysmian Hook Cleats

In all applications the hook cleats should be mounted using suitable M10 fixings. When mounting the cleats directly on channel, adaptor plate 380AG02 should be used.

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Prysmian Bicon Aluminium Hook Cable Cleats


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