Marechal Distribution Boxes & Enclosures

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Marechal Distribution Boxes

Marechal Electric - Plugs, Sockets & Decontactors

The Marechal distribution boxes cover a wide range of electrical installations: connecting power outlets and boxes. The Marechal boxes are particularly suited to power supply in tunnels.

Marechal Distribution Box Benefits

  • Equipment for tunnels
  • Boxes for distribution, tap-offs, liquefied gas transfer, service and terminals

Marechal CD - Distribution Boxes & Socket-Outlets With Protection

Marechal Distribution Box & Enclosure Range:

  • Marechal Express Boxes -  Distribution Boxes For Standard Lighting
  • Marechal Express Fire Boxes - Distribution Boxes For Emergency Lighting
  • Marechal F400 - Wall Mounting Socket-Outlet For Jet Fans
  • Marechal BF - Fire Department Boxes
  • Marechal CD - Distribution Boxes & Socket-Outlets With Protection
  • Marechal BM - Modular Distribution Boxes
  • Marechal BG - Box For Liquefied Gas Transfer
  • Marechal BRP - Portable Service Box

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