ABB Medium Voltage MV Indoor and Outdoor Current Transformers, ABB CT's

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ABB Medium Voltage Indoor / Outdoor Current Transformers

ABB CT's - Current Transformers 


ABB instrument transformers are designed in accordance with DIN 42600, offering compatibility with a wide portfolio of applications. 


ABB TTR Current Transformer - Indoor

ABB Medium Voltage Indoor/Outdoor Current Transformer Range:


• ABB TTR Indoor Bushing Current Transformers (CT's) -  3.3kV to 11kV/12kV

ABB TPU Current Transformers - Indoor


• ABB TTR Indoor Bushing Current Transformers (CT's) - up to 25k


ABB TPE Current Transformers - Indoor

• ABB TPU Indoor Current Transformers (CT's) -  3.3kV up to 40.5kV


• ABB TPE Indoor Current Transformers (CT's) - up to 25kV

ABB KON-17 Current Transformer - Outdoors


• ABB KON-17 Outdoor Current Transformers (CT's) - up to 17.5 kV


ABB TPO6 Current Transformer - Outdoor

• ABB TPO6 Outdoor Current Transformers (CT's) -  17.5kV 24kV 25kV



ABB Outdoor Transformers should be mounted in outdoor conditions where the ambient air may be polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive gases, vapours or salt. Outdoor medium voltage MV transformers are designed for ambient temperature between -60 degrees Celsius and +55 degrees Celsius, measured over a period of 24 hours and should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius.

Mounting Outdoor Current Transformers (CT) 

mounting ABB MV medium voltage outdoor transformers must be in the horizontal position. ABB MV transformers are fixed using two profiles with M12 screws. ABB KON-17 MV medium voltage transformers are designed for mounting on poles or substation structures, with high voltage bushings in either vertical or horizontal positions. When mounting MV medium voltage transformers with high voltage bushings in a horizontal plane, it is recommended that this plane be parallel to the ground and not one bushing above the other. This transformer arrangement prevents the formation of ice and snow which could cause flashover between the HV bushings.

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