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                               Ferraz Shawmut Fuses Acquired GE Fuses in 2007

 Ferraz Shawmut Limitor High Voltage Fuses

Ferraz Shawmut - Fuses

Ferraz Shawmut fuses provide circuit protection to low and high voltage electrical systems to IEC60282-1. Ferraz Shawmut fuses provide circuit protection of high voltage transformers in the power distribution networks with solutions including high voltage Limitor fuses for overhead line protection, oil-tight high voltage fuses and fault indicators, especially the Nortroll products.

Ferraz Shawmut also provide North American and European (DIN) standard high voltage motor protection fuses and circuit protection fuses for potential transformers and capacitors.

High voltage electricity distribution systems supplying industrial plants, shopping centres, hospitals, schools and commercial projects often require improved overcurrent protection.

Ferraz Shawmut current limiting high voltage fuses are specified for enhanced over-current protection and noiseless service. Ferraz Shawmut current limiting fuses restrict the damage to high voltage electrical equipment by limiting the let through energy at the fault. 

Ferraz Shawmut Fuses - Low & High Voltage Circuit Protection

Ferraz Shawmut General Purpose UL Fuses LV Power
Ferraz Shawmut North American standard power fuse offering covers a complete range of circuit protection applications. By opening in less than ¼ cycle under short circuit conditions Ferraz Shawmut Amp-Trap 2000 fuses limit enough current to prevent undue downstream damage and therefore comply with IEC Type-2 standard. Ferraz Shawmut Smart Spot is the market leading solid state visual open fuse indicator.

Ferraz Shawmut General Purpose IEC Fuses LV Power
Ferraz Shawmut offers the benefits of a truly global supplier from the one-stop-shopping advantages a complete line of European and North-American fuses, fuse holders and fusegear. Ferraz Shawmut Modulostar, Lindner and Blue Dot are brand names for fuses and fusegear complying respectively to NF, DIN and BS88 standards. Ferraz Shawmut fuses offer space-saving, modular, modern-day design and reliability. To limit drastically short-circuit current and downsize overloads while providing easy installation and complete safety for the operators only one spot: Ferraz Shawmut.

Ferraz Shawmut Semiconductor (AC) Fuses
Ferraz Shawmut Protistor power electronics fuses provide a combination of drastic current limitation, low provided I2t level (a key factor regarding the protection of power semiconductor) and reduced power losses. Protistor fuses encompasse Form 101 round fuses, ferrule-type fuses and square-body PSC fuses for large current ratings. Ferraz Shawmut semiconductor fuses are supported by world-class design, manufacturing and testing capabilities.

Ferraz Shawmut Protistor (DC) Fuses
Ferraz Shawmut is the specialist for the interruption of faults under DC conditions. Fuse protection of  DC circuits is not easy and requires expert knowledge -  Ferraz Shawmut Protistor DC fuses (ferrule style as well as square body) are very popular in the traction and drives for DC motors markets. Ferra Shawmut DC Protistor fuses line are supported and tested by Ferraz high-power test labs capabilities.

Ferraz Shawmut (Mersen) Fuses - Overview : General purpose fuses, semiconductor fuses, medium-voltage fuses, high-voltage fuses, ultrasafe fuseholders, fuse blocks, fuse holders, low-voltage disconnects, power distribution blocks -

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