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Fibre Optic Cable Blowing Machines 

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Cable blowing machines are used extensively throughout the global telecoms and fibre optic cable installation networks and enable single length,mid-point and series cable blowing.

Pictured: CBS Breeze & Tornado Cable Blowing Machines 

CBS Breeze & Tornado Cable Blowing Machines

The cable blowing machine uses compressed air to propel the cable through the duct. This method of cable laying provides a consistent, uniform pulling force along the full length of the cable. 

In addition to a consistent pulling force, CBS cable blowing machines provide smooth control, movement and cable monitoring which is controlled by a hydraulically powered belt system. 

Over all this provides a safe and optimised method of cable laying and installation which can improve productivity and reduce workforce requirments. 

CBS Cable blowing machines are designed to be east-to-use without tools and simple to adjust in order to meet site requirements and conditions. 

T&D UK supply Cable Pulling, Cable Laying and Cable Blowing equipment for HV transmission towers and overhead lines, HV underground cables, LV distribution lines, LV-HV rail trackside and underground power, CATV, fibre optic and telecoms. 

Pictured: Single Length Cable Blowing

Single Length Cable Blowing

Pictured: Mid-Point Cable Blowing With Fleeter

Mid-Point Cable Blowing With Fleeter

Pictured: Series Cable Blowing

Series Cable Blowing

Video: The CBS Products Tornado Cable Blowing Machine.

T&D UK distribute the complete range of Cable Pulling and Laying Equipment including cable rollers, cable socks, cable jacks, drum trailers, cable pulling lubricant, underground cable protection and conduit duct rod.

We service the utility cable laying contractor, electrical contractor, cable jointing training schools and cable industry (distributors and manufacturers).


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