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Plymouth Tapes are a range of rubber, PVC and specialPlymouth Rubber Tapes application tapes from Plymouth Rubber Europa, S.A.

Plymouth Rubber specialises in the production of a range of tapes to a global marketplace. The company is a result of a merger of three historical brands; BISHOP, Plymouth and Núñez.

With specialist tape products for a wide range of applications, Plymouth rubber products are supplied to industries including utilities, power, construction, rail, mining, offshore, telecommunications, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Plymouth Mastic Tapes

Plymouth tapes provide electrical insulation andmechanical protection to low and high voltage (LV-HV) cables, cable jackets, splices and switchgear.

T&D provide competitive prices and international delivery service for the complete range of Plymouth Bishop tapes.


Plymouth Bishop Rubber Tapes

  • Plymouth Electrical Tapes
    • Vinyl Tapes
    • Friction Tapes
    • Rubber Tapes
    • Mastics Water Seal
    • Special Purpose Product
    • Splice & Termination Kits
  • Plymouth Mining Tapes
    • Jacketing and Insulating Tapes
    • Trailing Cables Splice Kits
    • High Voltage Cable Splice and Termination Kits
    • Cable Repair Tape
    • Special Items
  • Plymouth Telecom Tapes
    • Vinyl Tape
    • Rubber Tape
    • Special Items
    • Insulating Mastics



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