Stainless Steel Banding & Strapping- BAND-IT

Stainless Steel Strapping & Banding - 201, 304, 316, 317L

Stainless Steel Strapping & Banding - Light, Medium & Heavy Duty

BAND-IT stainless steel strapping and banding systems offer astonishing corrosion, pressure and temperature performance for industrial, offshore and subsea cable and pipe strapping, banding and securing.

BAND-IT band typical stainless steel strapping applications : down hole strapping, offshore oil platforms, under sea cable banding, pipe line strapping, water treatment, desalinization, chemical plants, underground cables or pipes, marine, furnace, high temperature strapping applications.

BAND-IT stainless steel banding features EASY SCALE, a patented imprint on the band to determine band length eliminating costly waste and complicated measuring by allowing users to quickly and precisely roll out the length of band needed for any clamp. Goodbye guesswork. 

BAND-IT Stainless Steel Banding - Benefits : 

* 201 stainless steel offers good resistance to oxidation
* Utilised in general use cable and pipe banding applications
* Can be used with clip style buckles to create band clamps
* Banding packaged in a standard box or a durable plastic tote
* Installs easily with the following BAND-IT tools: the Standard Banding Tool (BAND-IT C00169), the Heavy Duty Banding Tool (BAND-IT C00369), the Bantam Tool (BAND-IT C07569), the Bantam Strapping Tool (BAND-IT C08569) and the Rachet Tool (BAND-IT C40099).

BAND-IT are world leaders in quality engineered stainless steel (grades 201, 304, 316), monel and inconel band clamping and cable tie fastening solutions BAND-IT service marine, offshore, subsea, petrochemical, oil and gas, rail, utilities, street lighting, power and construction industries - BAND-IT products include Adjustable Clamping Systems, Band & Buckle, Strapping & Banding Systems, Sign Brackets, Hose Fittings, Cable & Pipe Identification Systems, Preformed Clamping, Stainless Steel Cable Ties.


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