Alroc Insulation Chamfering Tools

Alroc Cable Chamfering Tools For High Voltage Cables

Alroc Insulation Chamfering Tools

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Alroc / Prysmian 8YR0-NO (LHC)


Alroc insulation chamfering tools enable cylinder and tapered stripping of high voltage single core drycables. Insulation chamfering tools remove the sharp edge of the high voltage cable insulation after using the insulation stripping tool where the HV jointing or terminating system requires a tapered finish. 

  • The insulation cutting angle is fully adjustable by means of a graduated rule 
  • Supplied in a wooden box

Alroc LHC Insulation Chamfering Tools - Prysmian Prysmian 8YR0-NO

High voltage cable jointers can cut high voltage cable insulation into a chamfer removing the sharp edge of the removed insulation to avoid any damage to heat shrink, cold shrink or push-on cable terminations and cable joints. The insulation chamfering tools are ideal for the removal of cable insulation on 132kV single core EHV extra high voltage cables.

Alroc Insulation Chamfering Tool Technical Data
Reference No. Insulation Diameter Weight

Alroc 8YR0-NO2 (LHC2)

38mm - 60mm 6kg

Alroc 8YR0-NO3 (LHC3)

60mm - 80mm 8kg

Alroc 8YR0-NO4 (LHC4)

80mm - 110mm 12.5kg

Alroc 8YR0-NO5 (LHC5)

100mm - 140mm 18.5kg


Alroc Cable Tools for power, telecommunications and fibre optics cable preparation. Alroc cable preparation tools enable the efficient dressing of cables by cable jointers including low voltage (LV, XLPE, PILC, EPR, PVC, waveform, consac) and high voltage (3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV, 33kV, Triplex up to 132kV) power cables - this covers the removal and stripping of outer cable sheaths, insulation, semi-conductor screens (bonded and "easy-strip" peelable) and lead cable sheaths prior to cable jointing or terminating with heat shrink, cold shrink or push on type cable joints and cable terminations.


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