High Voltage Cable Glands - CMP Cast Integral Earth Lug (CIEL) & CMP Zen Insulated Cable Glands

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High Specification, High Performance, High Voltage Cable Glands 

CMP CIEL & Zen Insulated Cable Glands

High Level Protection Against Short Circuit Earth Fault Currents 


CMP high voltage brass and aluminium cable glands with cast integral earth lug (CIEL) are specified for external earth connections and maintaining earthing under high fault current conditions.

CMP HV cable glands terminate high voltage steel wire armoured (SWA) cables on 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV and 33kV networks providing an environmental seal on the cable outer sheath, mechanical retention and electrical continuity via armour wire termination. 

CMP CIEL Cast Integral Earth Lug Cable Glands
High voltage power cables (3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV, 33kV) can generate high fault current ratings via steel or aluminium wire armours where the actual fault current may exceed that of the standard CMP earth tag

It is vital for electrical safety to match the rated fault current of the cable gland earth tag to that of the cable armour. CMP unique Cast Integral Earth Lug (CIEL) cable gland designs overcome potential overheating and possible flash over problems


CMP CIEL 20S to 40 - 26.0kA for 1 second short circuit fault rating

CMP CIEL 50s to 90 - 43.0kA for 1 second short circuit fault rating

CMP CIEL cable glands are extensively specified for safe high voltage cable installations limiting earth faults, electromagnetic interference (EMI/RFI), cross talk and induced voltages caused by cable positioning.

CMP Brass Cable Glands


CMP Aluminium Cable Glands

CMP Zen Insulated Cable Glands - High Voltage Cable Termination with Brass or Aluminium Cable Glands
In the power generation industry unless special measures are taken to both segregate LV-HV cables in accordance with wiring regulations, and also isolate the metallic cable armour from running in continuous contact throughout the whole of the earthing system, interference or electrical noise would spread throughout the plant. 

CMP Zen Insulated cable gland system allows cables to be earthed at one end only - single point earthing - and insulated at the field end. Insulated Zen cable glands are available to ensure that no contact is made between the earth circuit carried through the cable armour and the low-high voltage electrical enclosure which the cable enters.

CMP Zen Insulated cable glands permit electrical design engineers to implement safe earthing systems to deal with :

  • Cross Talk Noise Reduction
  • Electrical Separation of Main Earths
  • Earth Fault Segregation
  • Fault Current Reduction with Series Cable Resistance
  • Electrical Noise Reduction in Instrument Cables
  • Circulating Current Production in Single or 3 Core High Voltage Cables

CMP Zen insulated cable glands are suitable for use with all screened steel wire armoured (SWA) and aluminium wire amoured (AWA) cables. Zen cable glands are tested and approved for use in containment areas of the Nuclear Power industry.  CMP Zen Insulated Cable Glands

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