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Elastimold Connectors

Elastimold connectors (Loadbreak & Deadbreak) and HV-MV medium voltage cable accessories are available in 200 Amp loadbreak, 200 Amp deadbreak and 600 Amp deadbreak styles.

Elastimold connectors are designed to provide effective cable termination of medium voltage and high voltage power cables in padmount, subsurface, vault, indoor, outdoor and other switchgear, transformers and overhead line applications.

Elastimold cable joints and cable splices are available in permanently crimped or bolted separable connector styles. 

Elastimold cable terminations are available in single-piece or modular designs. Elastimold terminations are specified for indoor, outdoor or padmount applications, units allow connection and transition from shielded underground cables to bare overhead conductors and live-front equipment.


Also available : 

Surge arresters are constructed using metal oxide blocks for overvoltage protection and 200 Amp separable connector interfaces for attachment to other Elastimold cable accessories.

Fused elbows combine replaceable current-limiting fuses for overcurrent protection and 200 Amp separable connector interfaces for attachment to other Elastimold cable accessories.

Underground cable accessories available from 5kV to 138kV, connect, ground, splice, terminate and protect underground cable.

Fuses with interrupting capability of up to 50,000 amps, substantially reduce energy pass through to minimize the risk of catastrophic failures.

Switchgear compact, and modular designs with small footprints permit field assembly inside tight cable vaults.


Picture : Elastimold. Elastimold is the most complete package for managing underground cable connections in the industry and now includes underground switchgear and overhead reclosers.

Elastimold Connectors


Video : Elastimold Cable Joints - Shrink-Fit Joint.
The fastest and easiest way to cable joint or splice medium voltage (MV) cables in the industry.


Elastimold Connectors (Loadbreak & Deadbreak) Elbow & Tee Connectors