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Webtool specialise in engineering and manufacturing powerful hydraulic cutting, gripping and lifting tools for wire ropes, cables, umbilicals and fibre ropes.

Webtool cutting tools are manufactured to cut umbilicals, submarine cable, riser line, wire rope and offshore high voltage power cable.

Webtool wire rope and cable cutters include Softline Cutters, Wire Rope Cutters, Gripping Tools, Cable Cutters and Umbilical Cutters.

Typical offshore and subsea cable or umbilical cutting applications include :

  1. Subsea control umbilical
  2. Power umbilical
  3. Non-permanent umbilicals
  4. ROV lifting and tether umbilicals
  5. Seismic surveys
  6. DEH
  7. Power infrastructure to and between platforms
  8. Broadband infrastructure to and between platforms
  9. Subsea monitoring systems

Pictured : Subsea Offshore Umbilicals. Image : Nexans

Subsea Cable Umbilical Cutting Tools

T&D also distribute Cembre Cable Cutters for the safe and reliable cutting of onshore power cables.

Furthermore, T&D stock a complete range of Cable Jointing Tools to enable the preparation and stripping of subsea and offshore cables prior to medium and high voltage cable jointing and terminating - this includes Prysmian, Alroc and Boddingtons brands.

Videos : Webtools Cutting Tools For Subsea Cables, Umbilicals & Ropes

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