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Low & High Voltage Electrical Equipment

15kV-25kV AC & 1500V-3000V DC

11kV, 33kV, 25kV & 45kV


T&D UK distribute an extensive range of Electrification, Cable Jointing, Earthing, Safety and Installation Equipment for railway infrastructure projects including main line, mass-light transit and underground systems - this includes Network Rail (PADS) and London Underground (LUL) approvals.

T&D are Approved Vendors to the global underground and rail industry - this includes supplyingLondon Underground 1-085 Electrical Equipment manufacturers, operators, principal and specialist contractors.

T&D distribute an extensive range of LU approved electrical equipment, cables and accessories in accordance with LU Standard 1-085 “Fire Safety Performance of Materials'’. 


HV 11kV 25kV 33kV High Voltage Rail Cable Accessories


LV-HV Cable Jointing, Termination & Installation 

  • LV Cable Joints - Power, Signal & Telecoms
  • LV Cable Joints - Track Feeder Cable
  • LV Cable Joints, Glands, Cleats & Ties - Fire Resistant
  • LV Cable Joints, Glands, Cleats & Ties - LSF Zero Halogen
  • HV Cable Joints & Terminations (Track Feeder & Overhead Line) 
  • HV Cable Terminations & Connectors (GIS)
  • LV HV Cable Lugs, Connectors & Crimps
  • Flexible Conduits
  • Duct Sealing & Cable Transits
LV HV Cable Jointing, Termination and Installation

Low Voltage Electrical Distribution

  • Feeder Pillars - GRP, Galvanised & Stainless Steel
  • Distribution Boards, Fusegear & Switchgear
  • Electrical Enclosures & Junction Boxes
  • Plugs & Sockets
  • Isolators & Switch Disconnectors
Low Voltage Cable Distribution, Isolators, Plugs & Sockets

Cable Containment, Support & Location

  • Cable Tray, Ladder & Basket
  • Cable Trough
  • Cable Hangers
  • Underground Cable Covers, Tiles & Protection
Cable Containment Support and Protection

Substation Earthing, Construction & Electrical Safety

  • Earthing & Lightning Protection - Copper Tape, Rods & Earth Bars
  • HV GIS Cable Connectors, Plugs & Terminations
  • Electrical Safety - Insulating Gloves, Matting, Voltage Detectors & Clamps
  • Underground Cable Duct
Substation Construction, Earthing and Electrical Safety

Tools & Plant

  • Cable Cutting & Crimping Tools
  • Cable Jointing & Preparation Tools LV HV
  • Cable Pulling - Rollers, Socks, Conduit Rods
  • Cable Winches & Trailers
Cable Jointing, Crimping, Cutting Tools


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