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Seaward LLT live line tester is a voltage detector ideal for live line testing on systems up to 1100V DC. Seaward LLT live line testers are encapsulated in a high impact rugged enclosure with high-visibility cable. The Seaward LLT tester is fitted with high-intensity red LED indicators and a polarizing filter making it clearly visible, even in direct sunlight. Designed specifically for live line applications, the Seaward LLT voltage indicator ensures conductor rails have been isolated from the power supply before maintenance or inspection work commences on rail track systems.

Seaward LLT and proving unit are approved by Network Rail - Certificate of Acceptance No. PA05/03345 - for carrying out live line testing.

Seaward LLT Live Line Voltage Detector

  • Working Voltage 1100V dc max
  • Threshold Voltage 200Vac/300Vdc
  • Circuit Current <10mA
  • Indicator 3 Ultra-Bright Red LED
  • Compliance BS EN61243-3

Seaward LLT Live Line Tester

Seaward LLT live line voltage indicator has been designed to ensure safe working on third-rail electrified railway lines and systems. The new Seaward LLT two pole voltage detector enables service engineers, maintenance personnel and rail technical staff to verify that conductor rails have been isolated from the power supply before maintenance or inspection work commence on rail track systems. The new Seaward unit has been designed specifically for the safe and practical detection of voltages on electrified rail systems above a threshold level of 300V DC up to a maximum of 1100V DC. Ultrabright red LEDs and a polarising filter built into the handle section of the tester make the voltage indication clearly visible in all working environments and conditions – even in bright sunlight.

Designed and manufactured in compliance with international safety standard BS EN61243-3, the Seaward live line test unit is totally encapsulated in a shock resistant high impact rugged enclosure and is IP65 rated. The Seaward tester is also equipped with PVC hand guards and high visibility cable. Also available from Seaward is a special battery powered proving unit for self-test proof of Live Line Tester performance before and after use. The compact and highly portable unit incorporates a neon active indicator for simple and immediate on-site verification of tester functionality – enabling line testing and any subsequent maintenance work to be undertaken safely and without hazard. A special carrying case for the Live Line Tester and LLT Proving Unit is also available.

The introduction of the new Seaward live line tester for railway service applications expands the Seaward range of voltage indicators and safety testing equipment that includes a comprehensive range of neon and digital high voltage indictors, safe discharge units, neon and digital phasing equipment, insulator leakage detectors and current clamps.

Seaward Live Line Testers LLT - Safety Notes

Seaward LLT live line testers test whether conductor rails are dead or alive : the Seaward LLT tester unit must be tested with the Seaward proving unit immediately prior to and after use. When applying the Seaward LLT probes to the rail conductor and running rail, a clean section of rail head should be identified. Never apply Seaward live line testers ramp end. Seaward LLT live line test units are used to test DC electrified conductor rails by holding the live line tester by the handles above the hand-guards, placing one probe on the traction return running rail and the other probe onto the conductor rail. If the LED indicator on the Seaward LLT live line tester is illuminated the conductor rail is live. Refer to DC lines Electrified Working Instructions (NR/WI/ELP/3091 E2 Dec 2006) for further information on the isolation and testing of the conductor rail.



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Seaward LLT Live Line Tester & Seaward PH3 Proving Unit


Seaward LLT Live Line Tester - Network Rail Safety Bulletin

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