Thorne & Derrick : Link-up Approved

By Chris Dodds on 8th August, 2014

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Thorne & Derrick : Link-up Approved

T&D are Link-up Approved - Link-up qualifies, evaluates and monitors suppliers on behalf of UK rail market buyers.

Company Name: Barnbury Enterprises Ltd T/A Thorne & Derrick Company ID: 158366 Subscription to Link-up Expiry Date: 05 Jun 2015.

T&D UK distribute an extensive range of LV-HV Rail Electrification, Cable Jointing, Containment and Installation Equipment for railway infrastructure projects including main line, mass-light transit and underground systems - please visit our Rail Electricification Blog.

T&D UK are also registered Vendors to TfL (including Tubelines, Tramlink and London Underground), Network Rail and UK Train Operating Companies.

Thorne and Derrick Link Up Approved

Recent T&D projects include Birmingham New Street Development Programme, Thameslink Programme, Crossrail and several international rail projects.

We work closely with rail decision-makers ensuring highest levels of electrical safety are provided to rail workers - T&D are UK distributors for Catu providing LV-HV electrical safety equipment for working on Catenaries, Overhead Lines, Tramways, Subways, Substations & Underground Cables.

LV-HV Jointing, Termination & Cable Installation Equipment

Low Voltage Electrical Distribution

Cable Containment, Support & Location

Cable Pulling & Cable Laying Equipment

  • Cable Drum TrailersCable Winch
  • Cable Winches
  • Cable Jacks
  • Cable Rollers
  • Cable Socks
  • Cable Protection
  • Conduit Rods

Electrical Safety & PPE

Hi-Vis Clothing Rail GORT 3279

GO/RT 3279 Hi-Vis PPE Clothing

Arc Flash Suits, Clothing & Protection

Insulated Track Tools BS8020

Insulating Gloves & Boots    

ProGARM GO/RT 3279 Railway Standard Garments on Crossrail London Underground Project

T&D stock the complete range of Network Rail PADs Approved 3M Cable Joints and Terminations.

3M Cold Shrink Cable Joints & Cable Terminations

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London UndergroundFollow @LULTFL Sharing old and classic photographs of London and events over the last 150 years. Pictured : Main line Permanent Way workers laying new rail and not a hard hat or hi vis in sight, 1923.

Rail Cables


Poster Art : To Summer Sales by Underground, by Horace Taylor, 1926. For fans and enthusiasts of London Underground and British Transport, visit London Transport Museum

London Underground Posters


Silver Fox Cable LabelsFeatured Rail Video Blog : LU 1-085 Approved Rail Cable Labels For London Underground Projects From Silver Fox 


Post-modern take on the railway poster art of bygone period by Northern Rail

@ThorneanDerrick I’m happy to give you approval for this. Apologies for the delayed response.

— Northern Rail (@northernrailorg) August 8, 2014 Discover Leeds - Northern Rail


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