Ellis Patents Pegasus Cable Hangers For Rail Cable Support

By Chris Dodds on 6th November, 2015

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Ellis Patents Pegasus Cable Hangers For Rail Cable Support

Ellis Patents Pegasus Cable Hangers.

Ellis Patents are committed to driving technology forward and improving product performance to prolong the lifespan of their Cable Cleat and Cable Hanger products while improving overall rail industry safety. 

As a result, Ellis Patents have now launched Pegasus - a modular cable hanging system that is stronger, lighter and more flexible than traditional galvanised steel type hangers.

Ellis Patents J Type rail cable hangers are installed throughout the global rail industry - this includes both J type cable hangers made from either galvanised steel or nylon to support rail cable runs.

Trackside cable installations and supporting infrastructure must demonstrate the ability to provide reliable service in harsh operating conditions. Fumes and brake dust are a typical rail challenge - particles of brake pads and discs from trains can lead to "pitting" corrosion of metallic surfaces. Once exposed to moisture, dew or rain the corrosion process is accelerated.  

Pressure waves, moisture and dirt combine to confront underground rail infrastructure with considerable material and design specification challenges for cable supports and hanging systems.

Corrosion resistant nylon cable hangers are specified on the rail network for excellent environmental performance - this includes power, signal and telecoms (S&T) trackside and tunnel cable support where the cable hangers are exposed to UV, weathering and diesel fuels on non-electrified rail networks.

Ellis Patents Pegasus cable hangers withstand temperature, humidity and aggressive exhaust gases experienced on underground rail systems.

The curved saddle shape design of Pegasus cable hangers prevents cable damage caused by sharp edge contact.

Available in a range of sizes the cable hangers accommodate cables with outside diameters from 50mm-100mm and up to 6 cable runs per hanger. 

With the recent launch of Pegasus non-metallic cable hangers by Ellis Patents, electrical safety can be improved and product life cycle extended.

Pictured : Cable Hanger - "J" Hangers 4 Way Type Supporting Trackside Power Cables. Plastic type cable hangers formally manufactured by Melcroft have increasingly been replaced by galvanised type. The pictured Melcroft cable hangers are now obsolete from manufacturing and have been replaced by either Ellis Patents galvanised or GRP cable hanger types. 

Ellis Patents Cable Hangers - Galvanised Steel J Type Rail Cable Hangers


Why Nylon For Rail Cables ? 

Ellis Patents Pegasus cable hanges are manufactured from high strength nylon especially formulated to meet the requirements of London Underground 1-085 specification. Independent testing is carried out to prove conformance to the 1-085 standard including toxicity, limited oxygen and smoke emission.

The extruded aluminium spine is marine grade and with a shaped profile designed to provide maximum strength for supporting rail cables. The cable hangers are non-metallic eliminating corrosion and the consequent mechanical degradation to the hanger caused by exposure to pollutants whether trackside or at increased concentration levels in tunnels. 

Pictured : Tunnel Wall Cabling - the following photo highlights the extent of tunnel dust accumulation in an underground rail tunnel. Atmospheric corrosion to steel can cause increased maintenance work and necessitate more frequent routine inspection by corrosion engineers. Further corrosion causes include the leaking of chemicals in the rocks or earth surrounding the tunnel and seepage of water from roads or rivers into tunnel walls.

Tunnel Cables

Image : RAIB


Fire Safety Performance Of Underground Rail Materials - 1-085 

Following the disastrous Kings Cross Station fire in 1987, London Underground began to specify the use of materials which do not give off smoke or toxic fumes in the construction and maintenance of the underground rail network.This is now controlled by LU Standard 1-085.

Ellis Patents Pegasus cable hangers are manufactured from a high strength, low smoke and fume, zero halogen polymer - they are LU 1-085 registered.

LU London Underground


Ellis Patents J Type Galvanised Steel Cable Hangers. Traditional galvanised steel hangers were designed to withstand the operating conditions on above and underground rail networks.

Cable Hangers - J Type For Rail Cables

Launched at Railtex 2015 the Ellis Patents Pegasus range of nylon cable hangers are LU London Ellis PatentsUnderground approved for above ground and sub-surface cable support applications.

"After 2 years in development, I'm confident that our re-invention of the cable hanger system means that we have a new product on our hands that will quickly become one of our most successful," Richard Shaw (MD Ellis Patents).

T&D asked Paul Nolan (Ellis Patents UK Sales Director) why Pegasus Cable Hangers are set to become the standard specification for cable support in the UK and global rail industry.

Paul provided 5 powerful reasons :

  • Lightweight - 50% lighter than steel, single person installation 
  • Modular - versatile for new cable project installations 
  • Corrosion Resistant - non-metallic but high strength
  • Maintenance Free - enhanced service life compared to steel
  • Stronger Than Steel - 40kg safe working load per hanger


Modular Cable Hangers - Trackside & Tunnel

The intelligent and flexible design of Pegasus cable hangers enables Electrical Design Engineers working on Rail S&T and Power distribution designs to produce the optimum cable layout without restriction by the availability of suitable cable supports.

Ellis Patents can produce CAD files on request to allow for the production of accurate drawings. Ellis Patents Pegasus cable hangers can be used to support 11kV and 22kV feeder cables and 25kV traction substation cables in HV cable tunnels or trackside.

Ellis Patents cable hanger systems are designed to overcome the challenges faced installing today's modern rail cables in increasingly complex projects.


Pictured: Ellis Patents Pegasus LUL Approved Cable Hangers

Ellis Patents Pegasus Cable Hangers


Furthermore, as the drive to electrify the UK rail network advances consideration is increasingly being given to non-metallic trackside equipment. Electrocution hazards are eliminated by non-conductive cable hangers. Metallic infrastructure and equipment is prone to corrosion, denting and generating potential electrocution shocks due to conductivity.   


Link-UpT&D are Link-up Registered and Approved Vendors to Network Rail and TfL London Underground (LU) - distributing an extensive range of Electrification, Cable Jointing, Earthing, Safety and Installation Equipment. 

  • LV-HV Cable Joints & Cable Terminations
  • LV-HV Electrical Distribution Eqpt
  • Cable Accessories - Glands, Cleats, Lugs
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Video : Ellis Patents Pegasus Cable Hangers


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Ellis Patents - Rail Cable Hangers (J Type)

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