Personal Protective Clothing (PPE)

Personal Protective Clothing (PPE)

Personal Protective Clothing (PPE)Rail Electrification & Cable Equipment LV HV

Personal Protective Equipment PPE

GO/RT 3279 Railway Group Standard

EN471 Class 2

High Visibilty Orange Clothing

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High Visibility Clothing is a mandatory requirement for all persons associated with rail track or lineside working. With most of the work undertaken on active railways, both day, night and under different weather conditions, it is very important that the highest level of visibility is maintained.

ProGARM supply a high visibility orange range of protective clothing which complies with the GO/RT 3279 standard specified by the rail industry - orange high visibility garments are designed for workers on or near the rail trackside, this includes hi-visibility orange trousers, jackets, coveralls, polo shirts and sweatshirts.

GORT 3279 Rail High Visibility PPE Warning Clothing

There are specific standards this high visibility clothing has to meet to be worn on the UK rail network:

GO/RT 3279 - the 'minimum requirements for high-visibility clothing for being conspicuous on the lineside or on or near the line'. Colour: Orange.

BS EN471 Personal Protective Clothing For Rail Industry

BS EN471 - The minimum requirements for high visibility clothing worn as part of personal protective equipment, conforming to the class 2 specification in respect of the minimum area of visible materials.

All high visibility PPE garments have to incorporate both fluorescent and retro-reflective materials. The railway standard specifies the high visibility warning clothing to be orange meeting the GORT 3279 standard.

Railway Group Standard GO/RT 3279

GO/RT 3279 standard is based on the European standard EN 471:2003 + A1:2007. GO/RT 3279 requires garments to meet at least class 2 (the mid-point of a 3-class scale) of EN 471 for the minimum area of high-visibility materials used within a garment. Whereas the European standard permits several different colours of high-visibility materials, the Railway Group Standard specifies an orange colour.

Railway locomotive headlights pick out retro-reflective materials in high-visibility clothing. Again, the Railway Group Standard GO/RT 3279 draws on EN 471:2003 + A1:2007 and specifies materials for use that meet the highest level of photometric performance criteria that are specified within the standard. GO/RT 3279 also defines the requirements for a high-visibility minivest. These are required to conform to class 1 design requirements of EN 471:2003 + A1:2007, except they need to exceed the requirements in EN 471 for both the minimum area of the orange background material and retro-reflective tape in the garment.

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High Visibility Orange Personal Protective Clothing - Network Rail Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

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