LU 1-085 Approved Rail Cable Labels For London Underground Projects From Silver Fox

By Chris Dodds on 27th January, 2015

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LU 1-085 Approved Rail Cable Labels For London Underground Projects From Silver Fox

Silver Fox Cable Labels

Fox-Flo LS0H Tie-on Cable Labels


Cable Labels With London Underground Approval....Print up to 60 cable labels in 15 seconds.

LU 1-085 is the current approval document which details the requirements of fire safety materials to be used on London Underground and Transport for London.

LU 1-085 includes rigorous fire and safety tests to ensure only the safest materials are installed onto a rail network that transported over 1 billion passengers in 2012.

Compliance of any cable or cable accessory with LU 1-085 is a hallmark of advanced technical specification and product performance.

London Underground Silver Fox Fox In A Box

Silver Fox "Fox-Flo" Tie-On cable labels are London Underground Registered (No 1105) to provide Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable labels for the rail system at platform, station, surface and underground levels. Silver Fox thermal printable Legend tie-on cable labels are made from durable polyester. Print the cable labels using the Silver Fox Plug'N'Play thermal printer and the Silver Fox labelling software Labacus Innovator which includes templates for all Silver Fox tie-on cable labels.

Silverfox Tie-On cable marking system is ideal for large cables and cable bundles and for use with nylon or stainless steel cable ties - LU compliant cable labels for power, Cat5e, co-axial and fire alarm cables. Protecting People and Equipment.

Silver Fox Fox Flo Tie On Cable Labels


News : May 2011

Silver Fox, a cable labelling solutions manufacturer, has added zero-halogen low smoke heatshrink to its product range for marking ferrules and cables. Low smoke zero-halogen (LS0H) heatshrink is flattened, printable polyolefin heat shrinkable tubing with zero halogens, excellent flame resistance and produces very little smoke.

Silver Fox cable labels and markers meet London Underground Limited Eng. Standard 1-085 A1 - the cable marking and labelling system is suitable for LUL projects as well as other applications where LS0H (low smoke zero halogen) is specified for marking cables.

All Silver Fox heatshrink and non-shrink tubing is supplied in rolls and can be easily printed using Plug’N’Play thermal printer and utilising Silver Fox labelling software Labacus Innovator. Silver Fox cable markers and labels can also be printed on both sides using patented double-sided ferrule marking system; two rolls of heat shrink tubing can be run through printer at same time and there is no limit to number of characters printed per cable marker.

Silver Fox Legend Low Smoke Zero Halogen Heat Shrink


Draka Cables - LU London Underground Approved

Specifiers and Buyers looking to ensure LU 1-085 compliance can confidently install the Saffire OHLS range of Draka Cables.

LU Approved Draka Saffire Cables

  • FT Sifer - Single Core Wiring Cable - LU Approved
  • FT30 - Standard Alarm & Lighting Cable - LU Approved
  • FT120 - Enhanced Alarm & Lighting Cable - LU Approved
  • FTP120 - Enhanced Power Cable - LU Approved
  • FTDATA - Fire Performance Cat 5e Cable - LU Approved
  • FTCOAX - Fire Performance Co-axial Cable - LU Approved
  • Saffire SWA - Halogen Free Armoured Power Cables - LU Approved
  • Draka MV - Halogen Free Medum Voltage Power Cables - LU Approved



T&D are Link-up Registered and Approved Vendors to Network Rail and TfL London Underground (LU).


Silver Fox Fox-Flo Zero Halogen Tie-on Cable Labels - Flame Test 

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