Abtech Hazardous Area Junction Boxes & Electrical Enclosures

Abtech Hazardous Area Junction Boxes & Electrical Enclosures

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Hazardous Area Products 

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ATEX IECEx Ratings

Enclosures, Junction Boxes, Hazardous Area Controls, High Voltage Enclosures

Thorne & Derrick are global distributors for the range of Abtech hazardous area products. This includes junction boxes, hazardous area and industrial enclosures and HV enclosures

T&D distribute the widest range of hazardous area products globally to many industries including oil and gas, petrochemical and offshore projects. 

Pictured: Abtech Enclosures HV Enclosures

Abtech Enclosures Product Range

All Abtech enclosures are constructed from 316 grade stainless steel and come with IP66 rating as standard.

In addition to the above ratings, there is also great flexibility with regards to mounting and connection options. 

Abtech enclosures can be tailored to specific needs resulting in over 50 possible combinations. 

T&D are Global Distributors of Hazardous Area Equipment including ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO & GOST Certified products

Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment 


Abtech Hazardous Area Enclosure Range
Enclosure Type Max Voltage (kV) Max Current (A) Max Conductor Size (mm2) Max Fault Rating (kA) Phase
Abtech LR Box 3.3 1250 1000 N/A 3
Abtech VPJB 3.3


1000 N/A 3
Abtech MJB 8.3 Conductor Dependant 240 N/A 3 or 3 + N
Abtech DPJB 11 312 630 50 3 or 3 + N
Abtech HVJB 11 980 1000 45 3 or 3 + N
Abtech HVJB 125 11 980 1000 45 3 or 3 + N
Abtech BusBar Box 11 3000 1000 90 4 Busbars
Abtech SX125 11 312 630 50 3 or 3 + N
Abtech ABJB 15 980 1000 45 3 or 3 + N
Abtech TFJB 36 312 630 25 3
Abtech 4TJB 45 980 1000 35 3


Abtech Enclosures Hazardous Area Ratings
Enclosure Type Zone 1 Zone 2 (suitable for Class 1, Division 2) ATEX IECEx GOST-R
Abtech LR Box


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Abtech VPJB Tick Tick Tick    
Abtech MJB Tick Tick Tick    
Abtech DPJB Tick Tick; Tick    
Abtech HVJB Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick

Abtech HVJB 125

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Abtech BusBar Box Tick Tick Tick Tick  
Abtech SX125 Tick Tick Tick    
Abtech ABJB Tick Tick Tick    
Abtech TFJB Tick Tick Tick    
Abtech 4TJB Tick; Tick Tick    



Abtech Hazardous Area Enclosures Product Catalogue 2014

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