Abtech Busbar Box Hazardous Area (ATEX) Electrical Enclosure


Abtech Busbar Box

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ATEX, IECEx & InMetro Certified & Rated - Zone 1 (Ex e)  


ATEX IECEx InMetro hazardous area certifications


Abtech Busbar Box HV Hazardous Area (ATEX, IECEx & InMetro) Rated

Abtech Busbar Box range of high voltage electrical enclosures enables 11kV cable terminations and cable connections up to 1000sqmm conductors. The intelligent design of the Abtech Busbar Box range allows high voltage cables to enter the electrical enclosure and to be terminated onto the busbar without having to be bent - quick and easy high voltage cable terminations (11kV) are thereby ensured in normally difficult cabling applications.

The 11kV enclosure has heavy duty machined hinges with lift off cover pad-lockable cover and is DTS-01 deluge tested.

Abtech Busbar Box high voltage (HV) cable junction boxes are manufactured from 316L stainless steel and used primarily for jointing cables or as a connection box, the Busbar Box is capable of connecting three phases plus neutral and up to six conductors per phase.

Abtech Busbar Box ATEX & IECEx Electrical Enclosure Ratings
Abtech Part Ref Width
Current (A) 
Max No.
per Way 
BBB(x-x) 770 - 1250 770 675 - 1250  11  3000 4 6 255

* (x-x) demotes the number of connectors per phase, 1st position = top, 2nd position = bottom. For example: BBB(6-3) = 6 x conductors per phase top entry and 3 x conductor per phase bottom entry.

Abtech Busbar Box ATEX & IECEx Enclosure Standard Specifications 

  • Enclosure Type: High Voltage
  • Ingress Protection: IP66/67 to EN60529, Type 4X, DTS-01 
  • Material: 2mm 316L Stainless Steel (EN 1.4404) enclosure with orbital finish, silicone gasket and captive 316 stainless steel fasteners, 3mm 316L (EN 1.4404) Stainless Steel gland plates 
  • Ambient Temp Rating: -20ºC to +40ºC or -50ºC to +55ºC (refer to certificate)
  • Maximum Cable Terminations: 3 conductors per phase in & 3 conductors per phase out 
  • Crimp Lugs: 16sqmm to 1000sqmm
  • Earthing: Via studs on electrical enclosure, door and gland plates 
  • Mounting: Via 3mm thick external mounting straps, slotted upper strap for ease of installation 

Hazardous Area Certification (Triple Certified)

  • Area Classification: Zone 1 & 21, Gas and Dust / Class 1 Division 2 / InMetro 
  • Type of Protection:  Ex e (Increased Safety), Ex tb (Dust Protected) 
  • Apparatus Coding: Ex e IIC T5/T6 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T65ºC /T55ºC Db 
  • Certificate Number: ATEX: Sira 99ATEX3177 / IECEx: SIR 12.0155 / TÜV 11.0322

Abtech Busbar Box Hazardous Area (ATEX) Electrical Enclosure - Dimensions

Abtech Busbar Box Hazardous Area (ATEX) Electrical Enclosure - Dimensions

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Adobe Abtech High Voltage Hazardous Area (ATEX) Enclosure - Bus-Bar Box

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Abtech Busbar Box Hazardous Area (ATEX) Electrical Enclosure