Triplex Cable Cleat Selection Using Ellis Patents SFT, Vulcan & Emperor Cleats

By Chris Dodds on 14th January, 2015

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Triplex Cable Cleat Selection Using Ellis Patents SFT, Vulcan & Emperor Cleats

Ellis Patents




The Ellis Patents Triplex Cable Surround

The Triplex cable surrounds are manufactured by Ellis Patents in a LSF zero halogen polymeric material. Suitable for use in conjunction with Ellis cable cleats such as the Vulcan and Emperor range, the Triplex cable surround is manufactured to overcome twists in the cable allowing it to be cleated at any point on the cable. 

Ellis Patents Triplex Cable Surround Dimensions

Part No Min dia.
Max dia.
Depth mm  Weight g
SFT26  24 28 62 67.3
SFT31 28 34 62 87.0
SFT36  33 39 62 113.4
SFT43 39 47 62 140.0
SFT51  47 55 62 212.3


Pictured: Ellis Patents Triplex Cable Surround Range

Ellis Patents Triplex Cable Surrounds


Pictured: Cable Cleat Selection Detail For Cleats To Be Used With The SFT Surround For Triplex Cable

Cable Cleat Selection Detail - Triplex Cleats

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Triplex Cable Surround Data Sheet

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