Ellis Patents Non-Metallic Cable Hangers For Rail Cable Support - Underground & Surface

By Chris Dodds on 6th November, 2015

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Ellis Patents Non-Metallic Cable Hangers For Rail Cable Support - Underground & Surface

Ellis Patents Pegasus cable hangers are specified to provide cable support to rail cables in both underground (sub-surface) and surface installations. 

T&D are currently supplying several Network Rail tunnel cabling projects working with Carillion UK.

The non-metallic cable hangers are accepted by Network Rail and London Underground (1-085) for safety, strength and specification reasons.

Ellis Patents Pegasus cable hangers are manufactured from specially formulated and high strength nylon material - independent testing is carried out to prove conformance to the London Underground 1-085 standard including toxicity, limited oxygen and smoke emission.  

Additionally, T&D are suppling Ellis Patents Pegasus cable hangers to several signalling upgrade projects on London Underground, including Kings Cross.

Traditionally, throughout the London Underground electrical cable infrastructure galvanised steel cable hangers have been used to provide support to low and high voltage power, signals and telecoms cable.

For the above reasons the specification trend is now away from galvanised steel and towards non-metallic cable hangers. Where bases and posts for new Track Isolation Switches (TIS) are being installed the specified cable hanger is non-metallic (i.e. nylon or GRP type).

Non-metallic cable hangers, such as Ellis Patents Pegasus, provide zero electrical or static interferences to the track isolation switch or neighbouring sensitive electronic devices, controls, and components forming part of the rail signal system.

London Underground Cable Hangers


Ellis Patents Cable Hangers


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