Ellis Patents Cable Guide Clamp - Video

By Chris Dodds on 21st October, 2015

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Ellis Patents Cable Guide Clamp - Video

Ellis Patents Guide The Way With Guide Clamp Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents, the world leading UK designer and manufacturer of cable cleats have developed the Cable Guide Clamp - a combination of a cable guide and a cable clamp for high voltage (HV) cables.

The Guide Clamp is designed to be installed in place of rollers along the HV cable route where the cable length is pushed and pulled through to its final destination. 

Ellis Patent Guide Clamp was developed to provide a product that could be used during cable installation and then be used to clamp and restrain the HV power cable

Pictured: Ellis Patents Cable Guide Clamp

Ellis Patents HV Cable Guide Clamp

Two Stage Cable Installation & Clamping

The Ellis Cable Guide Clamp works in two simple stages. Firstly during cable pulling, the guide clamps gimballed mounting and slipper nylon construction enables simple installation and cable guiding. 

Once the cable has been sufficiently pulled through and placed, the top half of the guide clamp is removed and a LSF polymeric fixing piece installed directly onto the cable.

Then, the top half of the guide clamp is replaced turning it into a fully functioning HV cable clamp. The narrow Ellis Patents design minimises the cable to cable distance resulting in greater flexibility, easier movement and therefore simpler installation.

Pictured: Ellis Patents HV Cable Guide & Clamp - Product Dimensions

Ellis Patents HV Cable Guide And Clamp - Product Dimensions

The Ellis Cable Guide Clamp was originally designed for use on an offshore project by Siemens and has now been developed for use with HV cables in many other potential applications. 

Video: Ellis Patents Cable Guide Clamp - Product Animation


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Cable Guide Clamp - Ellis Patents Cable Cleats

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